Indoor bowls titles chased

Acle Indoor Bowls by Brian GrintTHE Ladies' A team at home to North Walsham Ladies won 47-40 and 6-2 points to stay top of the table and keeps alive the possibility of an Acle double - Men's and Ladies' County Championships.

Acle Indoor Bowls by Brian Grint

THE Ladies' A team at home to North Walsham Ladies won 47-40 and 6-2 points to stay top of the table and keeps alive the possibility of an Acle double - Men's and Ladies' County Championships.

Molly Auld, Marie Barker and Geraldine Reeve by five ends were 9-0 up and by nine ends 13-1 up as they went on to win 15-3.

Margaret Arnold, Gwyn Xuereb and Melanie Haylett were 3-5 at five ends 7-9 at eight and 10 each at 11, then holding three shots the opposing skip hit a bowl on to the jack and the Acle girls scored a seven and won 18-10.

Jean Cossey's block were two each at three ends and playing Christine Webb and Jayne Roylance were aware it was going to be damage limitation, dropped a five but finished 5-16. Sue Batchelor's block went into a 5-2 lead after five ends and by 10 ends it was 8-7. In a dramatic final end they lost 9-11.

The Ladies' B team visited the Brecks with both teams certain of relegation. Pam Symes, Margaret Shields and Anne Drury went 1-4 down at three ends but by eight ends were 6-5 up and excellent bowling gave them the win 15-6.

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Dawn Horne's block scored a six on the first end but by six ends it was seven each, 8-10 at 10 ends and finished 11-13. Shirley Genery's block were three each at three ends 7-6 at eight and 9-8 at 12. They dropped a four on the penultimate end and lost 10-12. Bing Smith's block were five each at six ends 7-10 at 10, and despite winning the final three ends lost 10-12. Result: 46-43 and 5-3 points, a good away win.

Ladies' B at home to Gallows lost 39-59 and 1-7 points. Molly Hayton, Shirley Genery and Pat Pegram went 6-3 up at five ends and after scoring a four on the ninth went 14-4 up and were completely in charge, going on to win 17-8.

Ada Sumpter, Margaret Shields and Anne Drury scored a four on the first end and by the eighth end were 9-6 up then dropped a six on the ninth. They came back to draw 13 each. Bing Smith's block dropped three fours in their 5-22 defeat and Dawn Horne were restricted to four singles as they lost 4-16.

The Men's A team at County Arts on Friday evening needed a win to keep in contention for the County Championship. Result: 98-58 and 6-1 points.

John Colcombe, Bernard Willimott, Simon Elliott and Robin Norman enjoyed a 9-7 lead after 10 ends and by 15 ends were 16-9 up, winning 24-10.

Richard Church, Daniel Noble, George Tubby and Lewis Moore stormed to a 21-1 lead at 10 ends and won 29-9.

John Marshall, Arthur Jolliffe, Rob Parker and Tim Stone were 4-8 down at six ends, scored four shots on the 10th to go 11-9 up, were 16 each at 15, scored a fifth on the 19th and went on to win 26-18. Tony Dunton's rink were 3-9 at six ends and 12 each at 13, scored a five on the 15th, lost five of the last six ends and finished 19-21.

On Saturday the Men's A team played County Championship rivals North Walsham.

Mark Elliott, Wyn Willimott, Denis Goodley and Tony Dunton scored a four on the second end, another on the sixth and raced to a 21-2 lead at the halfway stage. After scoring a five on the 15th they finished 42-9.

John Marshall, Peter Cator, Patrick Willimott and Tim Stone scored a five on the third end and by 10 ends were 14-3 up. They were 18-5 at 15 and won 25-8.

Rob Fulcher, Daniel Noble, George Tubby and Lewis Moore went into 15-1 lead at 10 ends, dropped three fours in the second half of the game but won 22-16.

Robin Norman's rink met Stefan Adcock and Ian Wones and were 2-15 down at 10 ends. 2-23 at 15, scored a five on the 20th but lost 8-29. Result: 97-62 and 6-1 points. These results put the Men's A team in the driving seat for the County Championship.

At County Arts the Men's B team needed a win to help their promotion push. Brian Kirby, Eric George John Harris and Ivan Borrett were 6-4 up at five ends then 7-8 at eight. On the ninth end they scored an eight and by 15 ends were 22-11, finishing 25-16.

Brian Shorten, Jim Fruin, Alan Rowsell and David Cole went 9-4 up at five ends and 13-11 at 10, scored a four on the 15th to go 22-13 followed by a five on the 16th and went on to win 32-15.

Bimbo Meek's rink were five each at eight ends, dropped a five on the 10th, scored a six on the 13th then dropped a four on the 14th and by 15 ends it was 15-14. From here the heads were tight but they lost

17-21. Ken Copeman's rink, four each at six ends, were 5-12 down after 10, and went on to lose 13-24. Result 87-76 and 5-2 points.

Away to Gallow the Men's C team were on a difficult green. Keith Owen, Jim Cole Ray Smith and Mick Askham scored a six on the third end and by five ends were 13-0 up, then dropped a six on the sixth. By 10 ends they were 20-7 up, cruising at 26-10 after 15 ends then dropped another six on the 16th but won 28-22.

Mathew Sparrow, Alan Casburn, Bill Downie and Pat Beales were seven each at 10 ends and 14-8 up at 15, but after dropping a five on the 18th to be 17-15 then concentrated to win 22-16.

Brian Grint's rink were six each at seven ends and 13-7 at 13 and 14-12 at 18, five down on the 20th and moving the jack twice they still dropped a five and finished losing 16-18. Ashley Smith's rink found their end rink difficult to master and by 10 ends were 6-14 down, dropped a five on the 12th but came back to 14-24 after 18. But it went against them in the final few ends as they lost 14-35. Result: 80-91 and 2-5 points.

Marina Bowls

THE Ladies' Red team played Browston A away, and at three ends looked on course for a convincing win, leading by 14 shots. Browston A chipped away so that at six ends there was only one shot between them and at 22-21 they eventually came away with three league points from eight when three blocks won and one lost. The game was drawn 54-54.

R Beckett, N Pyzer and D Edwards were holding 7-2 at five ends, lost three shots on the next end, but the Reds came back with 12 more shots to nil over the next five ends to make the score 19-5.

Their opponents responded with a seven on the 12th end and a five on the following end, making it 19-17, but a three on the last end finished the game with a win for the Reds by 22-17.

B Payne, B Phillips and G Swanston at seven ends were 2-8 down. With 10 more shots to three against they won the game 12-11.

C King, J Howlett and P Ellis, 7-5 ahead at 10 ends, scored six more shots to three and won 13-8. B Wright, S Allen and J Warnes were 6-1 on three ends but lost their usual form and scored only one more shot to 17 against and lost 7-18.

Browston Hall

In the Yare Division of the Ladies'

County League, Browston Hall Ladies B lost 41-73 at Roundwood A.

Eileen Newberry, Chris Butt and Jill Adams had a runaway win 20-3, only allowing their opponents to score singles on three ends, and gained the team one point.

Games in the club and county competitions are reaching the final stages, with the men's games in the semi-final stages and the ladies having played two finals.

The singles winner was Angela Kher, runner-up Diane Purnell, triples winners were June Butcher, Diane Purnell and Pat Drinkall, runners-up Janet Barber, Barbara Cheverton and Sheila Shaw.