K9 kickboxers show their skills

Yarmouth and Lowestoft K9 Kickboxing and Muay Thai Club took part in a skills bouts competition at Bure Village Holiday Park, Burgh Castle. Many novices were having their first experience in a ring in front of a crowd. Guest clubs attending were Reflex Martial Arts Gym from Harleston and the Great Yarmouth Motivation Boxing Club.

The following junior kickboxing first-timers were all exceptional on their ring debuts: Charlie Liffen, Maddy Flaxmer, Daniel Crowe, Chloe Plummer, Seth Jones, Lewis Brown, Harley Bryanton, Jake Docwra, Kyle Bird, Seb Forlita, Aron Pixon, Joe Cookson and Keisha Correia all enjoyed their first time in the ring. Second-timers and more experienced juniors who took part were: Logan Judge, Hadley Neller, Laney Williams, Ashton Neller, Charley Flaxmer, Keira Sayer, Alana Boyce, Nicky McHugh, Kai Williams, Aimee Cooper, Barnardo Matos, Leon Goodwin, Remy Sayer, Jake Burnett, Kelsea Carroll, Tia Sayer and Jade Munro. There were also 10 boxing skills bouts: Dublyn Doole (K9) v Tyler Munro (K9), Katey Plummer (K9) v Jasmin (GYM), Remy Sayer (K9) v Luca McComb (K9), Chaney Docwra (K9) V Kai Smart (GYM), Hadley Neller (K9) v Kai Smart (GYM), Liam Plant (K9) v Jamil (GYM); Aaron Monson (K9) v Gavin Baily (GYM) , Jack Docherty (K9) v Darren Gook (GYM), Steve Witton (K9) v Daniel Poddle (GYM) and Venu (K9) v Damien Laverick (GYM). All the skills bouts were fought in good spirits and were a great learning experience for all involved. The trophy for fighter of the day went to GYM’s Kai Smart and K9’s fighter of the day award went to Remy Sayer. Debut trophy of the day went to Jake Docwra (K9 Gym).

K9 Gym’s Luca McComb (10) the current Five Nations Kickboxing -30 kilos champion was in Thaiboxing action last weekend at a Muay Thai event in Bury St Edmunds. Luca met Bury’s Tavis Beaston over five rounds under Muay Thai rules and after dominating the first three rounds with his powerful low-kicks and body kicks he scored a spectacular 4th round TKO of the Bury lad with a combination of pin point accurate low-kicks leaving Beaston in no position to continue.

Kickboxing and Muay Thai Training is at the K9 Gym, Estcourt Road every weekday evening.