Karate instructor publishes book

LIVING THE DREAM: Instructor of the Chinto Karate Group, Tracy Pillar, was overjoyed when her dream of publishing her own karate book came true.

Kata Through the Grades covers all the katas from yellow belt to black belt within the club’s grading syllabus. It is simply explained, making it understandable for the younger students, with illustrated photographs and explanation of the bunkai within the moves.

The book also covers Japanese terminology as well as all 40 illustrated shukokai combinations.

Tracy commented: “This is something I have always wanted to do. I know it’s going to be a great help for our students, especially the children at the club, and I have really enjoyed putting it together.”

She is now composing her second book which will cover Shukokai black belt katas and will be useful to her students competing in competition.

Anyone wishing to train with the group, who have various venues in Great Yarmouth, Belton, Bradwell, Gorleston and StalHam, can contact Tracy on 07780 832484.