Kingfisher boxers in action

TOBY Oliver of Kingfisher ABC won when his opponent A Killson did not come out for the third round, retired by his corner.

The first round was close with both boxers getting in good left jabs. However, Oliver was hitting harder and also having the better of the exchanges, with Killson always first to break off.

At the start of the second round Oliver stepped up the pace, forcing Killson round the ring, at times trapping him on the ropes and landing good, crisp combination punches. He was well on top at the end of the round.

Billy Potter of Kingfisher ABC lost by aa majority points decision to B Lee of Goldstar ABC.

The first round had little action as both boxers stood off looking for the openings and to counter punch.

The second round started better as both boxers started to attack, but Potter, throwing big swinging rights, only managed to score on a few occasions.

Lee, however, held his ground and picked the Kingfisher boxer off with well-timed left jabs as Potter moved in.

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In the last round Potter’s right hook scored well, and with just a little more pressure from Potter the Kingfisher Boxer could have won the bout as at the finial bell only one point on all the judges’ scorecards separated the two boxers.

Kingfisher’s Kiel Barber lost a close bout on his debut, to C Moore of Stamford ABC.

Moore, the taller of the two, moved round the ring using long left jabs. Barber at times found it hard to get close to Moore, but had some success with straight left-right combinations.

In the second round Barber took the centre of the ring, slipping inside his opponent’s jab and working with both hands to head and body.

In the last round Barber was doing most of the work, keeping the Stamford boxer on his back foot. Barber was always ready to trade punches when in close and had good success, forcing Moore back. He repeatedly broke off and kept at long range.

Conner Ruain of Kingfisher ABC lost, having been stopped in the second round by A Davison of Terry Allen ABC.

In a close first round both boxers kept out of range. Ruain did land some effective left jabs but there was nothing in it.

However, midway through the round Ruain landed a solid right that had Davison backing off, but he soon recovered.

In the second round Ruain again tried to box behind his left jab but at times carried his left hand low in defence.

Davison took full advantage of this and stepped in with a solid right over Ruain’s left, which had the Kingfisher boxer in serious trouble.

The referee had no choice but to step in and stop the bout.