Kingfisher Curtis completes ABA hat-trick

Curtis Williams of Kingfisher ABC. won his third Eastern Counties ABA title in a row after beating Stephen Green of Centurions ABC at the March ABC boxing tournament.

The first round started with Green taking the centre of the ring. Williams moved well and countered with a straight right as Green moved forward.

Green pushed forward in the second and tried to get to grips with Williams, again the Kingfisher boxer moved well and countered with a good right to Green’s head. However as the round progressed Green started to move forward quickly closing in on Williams. Green failed to take advantage and the round ended with a series of tussles with no advantage to either boxer.

In the final round both boxers worked hard. Williams, although sometimes on the back foot never looked in serious trouble and rightly booked his place in the next round at the final bell. Henri Potter of Kingfisher ABC met Nick Tipler of Chalvedon ABC in a class 4 under 50kg Eastern Counties Junior ABA final. Potter started the first round with a solid three-punch combination that stopped Tipler in his tracks he then moved off and Tipler was left to chase his opponent for the rest of the round. He was picked off with straight lefts and a sharp right.

From the start of the second and for the next two rounds Tipler constantly moved forward Potter however failed to box and move has he had in the first and stood his ground with hands held high. Tipler landed punch after punch on Potter’s arms to little effect but then switched below with hard body shots that caught the judges’ eye and scored well. When Potter eventually used a good upper- cut Tipler had to break off his attack but this was used too little and too late to tip the balance of the bout in the Kingfisher boxers favour with Tipler taking the bout on points.

The third Kingfisher contest on the night featured Jack Butcher in a senior under 69kg supporting bout against Karl Fox of Doncaster ABC. From the first bell both boxers stood toe to toe exchanging punches in a fight for the centre of the ring.

Butcher’s power took its toll and Fox was forced to move away out of danger from then on the pattern of the bout was set with Fox moving around the ring against the ropes and Butcher moving forward attempting to trap the Doncaster boxer.

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Fox used a solid left jab as Butcher moved forward but this made little impression on the Kingfisher Boxer who closed Fox down and had him trapped against the ropes for what seemed like most of the bout.

Fox covered well and leaning back on the ropes he tried to keep as much difference between himself and Butcher who kept up an unrelenting barrage of punches. Fox occasionally dropped his guard to land quick left right combinations. It must have been these that caught the judges’ eye as at the final bell Fox took the bout by a majority.