Kingfishers Potter and Butcher go down battling in Eastern Counties contests

Kingfisher boxer Henri Potter faced Lee Prudence of Chelmsford ABC in an Eastern Counties contest semi-final over three two-minute rounds.

Potter started the first with a flurry of punches that pushed Prudence into his own corner. Then using a sharp left jab Potter imposed himself on the Chelmsford boxer Moving him round the ring he scored with a fast left followed with a right over the top of Prudence’s guard. Countering well as Prudence tried to move forward Potter blunted any of Prudence’s attacks.

Potter took the centre of the ring at the start of the second and stayed there forcing the Chelmsford boxer to move round the ring. Prudence had upped his pace but this had little effect as Potter covered well then countered with straight punches to his Opponent head towards the end of the round Potter stepped to his left threw a straight right to Prudence’s head and as he covered a right upper cut followed by a left hook, all good scoring shots.

At the start of the 3rd Prudence put pressure on Potter but the Kingfisher boxer kept cool covered and countered when he could and as Prudence tired Potter scored more freely. At the final bell this was reflected by the judges giving a unanimous point’s win to Potter.

Curtis Williams of Kingfisher ABC met over three two minute rounds James Burman of Chelvedon ABC in what can only be described as a bad day at the office. Williams never looked like troubling Burman, falling short with his punches and with his timing out. Williams was picked off by the Chelvedon boxer throughout the first and second rounds. Behind going into the third, Williams tried hard to work his way back into the bout but always came off second best in any exchange. This was a very uncharacteristic performance from the young boxer who normally gives nothing less than 100%. The judges unanimously gave the bout to Burman and a place in the Eastern Counties final.

Jack Butcher of Kingfisher ABC met Jason Veares of Essex University over three three minute rounds in the under 67kg class C, NABC’S. Despite recovering from an ankle injury Butcher moved well around the ropes with his hands high he scored with some good two-phase attacks and used his height to good advantage. At the start of the second Veares came forward under a high guard and worked to Butcher,s body pinning him to the ropes. Butcher eventually worked his way free and at long range scored with some good straight lefts and rights. In the final round both boxers put maximum effort into pushing the other back. Honours were even until the dying seconds of the bout when Butcher landed a straight right that rocked Veares. Unfortunately this was not enough to alter the decision which went to Veares.

Henri Potter of Kingfisher ABC met Nick Tippler of Chelverdon ABC in the NYPC Eastern Counties final. Potter boxed and moved well in an even first round with both boxers showing each other respect. The second started much the same but as Tippler upped his pace midway through the round Potter stopped boxing and remained static with his hands at a high guard position. Tippler moved in and despite most of the blows landing on Potter’s arms it was inevitable that some shots would score.

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The final round started with Potter again static and covering up as Tippler hooked to body and head. With a minute to go in the third Potter got back to his boxing but this was too little too late and despite scoring with a solid right just before the bell that rocked Tippler the Chelvedon boxer won by a majority.

Dan Brown of Kingfisher ABC met A Jobe of Cambridge ABC in the Eastern Counties Novice Class A final at super heavyweight over three two-minute rounds. This was a bruising encounter from the start with Jobe walking forward hands high as Brown used a long left and right to halt his oncoming opponent. As the round progressed Jobe continued to push forward and started to have some success with left and right hooks to the head over Brown’s guard. Both boxers upped their pace in the second but as the round progressed Brown started to connect with some big lefts and rights and with seconds to go caught Jobe with a right uppercut that had the Cambridge boxer staggering as the bell rang to save him. After a massive effort in the second Brown slowed. Sensing this Jobe, now recovered, pushed forward swinging hooks over the top of the Kingfisher boxer’s guard, Brown was eventually given a standing count. Jobe seized his opportunity and stepped in with a flurry of punches that forced the ref to stop the bout. Both boxers deserved the round of applause they received.