Kyle finds gold at Bure Park

On a damp and dull January afternoon at Bure Park, Great Yarmouth, the East Norfolk School Sports Partnership Cross Country Championships took place.

With young athletes from across the borough attending to represent their school it was heartening to see more than 100 runners contest the first two races.

These races were for children in years 5 and 6 at junior and primary schools.

Winners from a variety of schools in the borough were: Year 5 Boys: Jack Cottingham (Moorlands); Year 5 Girls: Daisy Spurway (Stradbroke); Year 6 Boys: Sam Wooldridge (Cliff Park) and Year 6 Girls: Holly Baker (Woodlands).

The first two races were followed by the first of three races for pupils at high school.

The Year 7 event saw a repeat of last year’s event where Amy Dowsett (Flegg) stayed strong throughout to withhold the persistent challenge from Patrick Manning (Cliff Park) at the head of the race. The fourth race was for girls in Years 8 and 9 and Years 10 and 11, the winners were Vicky Simmonds (Lynn Grove) and Catherine Lee (Cliff Park).

Final race of the day was for the boys in Years 8 and 9 where Josh Clarke (Cliff Park) led the way.

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The Boys Years 10 and 11 event saw a keenly-fought contest between Kyle Ella and Keelan Pywell and despite Keelan leading for much of the first three laps it was Kyle who proved stronger to come away with the gold medal. Both boys represented Great Yarmouth High School. Leading finishers in the high schools races will be asked to represent East Norfolk SSP at the county championships at Sloughbottom Park, Norwich, on Wednesday (January 26). Thanks go to Great Yarmouth Borough Council for use of the facilities and Great Yarmouth and District Athletic Club who helped manage the event.

Leading results

Year 5 Boys: 1 Jack Cottingham (Moorlands), 2 Olie Saunders (Woodlands), 3 Kyle Richardson (Woodlands).

Year 5 Girls: 1 Daisy Spurway (Stradbroke), 2 Abbie Bales (North Denes), 3 Alice Wakeley (Woodlands).

Year 6 Boys: 1 Sam Wooldridge (Cliff Park), 2 Jack Collins (Hillside), 3 Johannes Langer (Cliff Park).

Year 6 Girls: 1 Holly Baker (Woodlands), 2 Paige Lacey (Wroughton), 3 Amy Newton (Martham).

Year 7 Boys: 1 Patrick Manning (Cliff Park), 2 Zak Coleman (Caister), 3 George Green (Cliff Park).

Year 7 Girls: 1 Amy Dowsett (Flegg), 2 Jade Somerton-Davies (Lynn Grove), 3 Demi Punter (Cliff Park).

Year 8 and 9 Boys: 1 Josh Clarke (Cliff Park), 2 Daniel Harrison (Lynn Grove), 3 Ryan Lonergan (Flegg).

Years 8 and 9 Girls: 1 Vicky Simmonds (Lynn Grove), 2 Phoebe Baker (Lynn Grove), 3 Emily Anderson (Flegg).

Year 10 and 11 Boys: 1 Kyle Ella (GYHS), 2 Keelan Pywell (GYHS), 3 Daniel Gomez (GYHS).

Year 10 and 11 Girls: 1 Catherine Lee (Cliff Park), 2 Kelly Pywell (GYHS), 3 Kayleigh Applegate (Lynn Grove).