Lady bowlers off to great start

The first match of the season for Acle Ladies A team was away to Bowling Club, not the easiest of starts. But a 54-35 win for all eights points got them off to a flyer.

The first match of the season for Acle Ladies A team was away to Bowling Club, not the easiest of starts. But a 54-35 win for all eights points got them off to a flyer.

Peggy West, Fay Moll and Sue Batchelor went into a 5-1 lead, but by nine ends were six each. Four shots on the 11th end made the difference as they won 11-10. Margaret Arnold, Jenny Stone and Mel Haylett went into a 6-1 lead but by 11 ends were eight each. Six shots over the final three ends secured victory, 14-10.

Joy Pearson, Pat Dickinson and Elaine Cole also went into a 5-1 lead and by eight ends were 10-3 up. Playing the final end it was 10-8, but four shots gave them a 14-8 win. Jill Saunders, Gwyn Xeureb and Geraldine Reeve completed the sequence to go 5-1 up, were 9-6 at 10 ends and ran out 15-7 victors.

The Ladies B team were at home to Roundwood. Betty Gibson, Shirley Genery and Pam Anthony were 12-1 up after four ends and raced home 21-11 winners. Edna Land, Rose Yaxley and Jenny Kirby went 6-3 up on six ends and with some tight heads won 11-8. Janice Wilson, Pat Pegram and Anne Drury came from 3-0 down to five each at nine ends scored a four on the penultimate end and won 12-8.

Jean Ryan, Julia Crosby and Amy Brooks scored a five on the third end, were 10 each at eight ends, 13 each at 11 but lost 14-15. Result: 58-42 and 7-1 points.

The Men's B team away to Wymondham B needed a good start after a disappointing season last year.

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Johntone Mackie, Sid Siely, Barry Barker and Bimbo Meeks were 10-1 up after eight ends, by 15 it was 14-8 and finished 17-14. Brian Shorten, Jim Pearson, Barney Wymer and Alan Rowsell had a close game, five each at six ends, then 9-14 after 13 then won all but two of the remaining ends to win 17-16.

David Cole, Eric Crouch, John Harris and Pat Garrod were five each at six ends, eight each at 11, scored a five on the 13th but then stuck on 13 for four ends and in a grand final end scored a four to draw 19 each. Ken Copeman's rink went 17-5 up after 13 ends, but then it all went wrong and they scored only one more shot and lost 18-19. Result: 71-68 and 5½-1½ pts.

The Men's C team negotiated the delays in Great Yarmouth to get to Browston in time, with one player walking over the bridge to get a lift.

Keith Owen, Jim Cole, Ray Smith and Mick Askham went 1-5 down after five ends and came back to eight each after 14, went into overdrive and won 24-9. Russell Thurtle, John Arnold, Bill Downie and Pat Beales were five each at eight ends then 15-5 at 13. The good-hearted banter from this rink continued as they won 21-14. Brian Grint's rink went eight each at 10 ends, 13 each at 17 and in a frantic final end a trailed jack stuck onto the opposition bowl and they lost 15-17. Ashley Smith's rink found the quick surface difficult and were 3-14 down at nine ends and came back to 9-15, then dropped a six on the 14th and finished losing 14-26. Result: 74-66 and 5-2 pts.

The Men's A team were at home to Bowling Club. Jamie Howlett, Will Pitt, Patrick Willimott and Tim Stone went 14-1 up after seven ends, 24-10 after 15 and cruised home 29-17. Mark Elliott, Paul Webb, Rob Parker and Tony Dunton scored a six on the 10th end to put them in a commanding position 16-7 up and went on to win 23-18.

John Colcombe, Daniel Noble, Bernard Willimott and George Tubby went seven each at seven ends and 13, 17 each at 18 and won 24-19. Robin Norman's rink only won on six ends but among them was a four, a five and a six followed by three singles with the final score of 18-25. Result: 94-79 and 6-1 pts.