Ludham BC’s promotion hopes are hanging in the balance


- Credit: James Bass

After two away defeats a further loss at home to Filby was not part of the script as Ludham battle for promotion.

G Bolton, R Wright and B Saunders were never troubled at 27-16 but all others lost.

A much better result came with the visit of Winterton which kept their slim hopes alive. G Bolton, M Gibbs and B Saunders were comfortable at 30-15 and C Rundle, P Benton and M Benton took control from the 17th for 24-14. C Hulse, W Alston and E Hearn had a close game taking it with the winning shot on the last end for 17-16. Overall it was a 84-71 for six points.

In the Broadland League at Martham C Hulse, M Gibbs and B Saunders had a fine 26-16 win while all other blocks lost in a 63-96 defeat. The final B/L match of the season was a close one. A Chaplin, G Bolton and M Benton trailed 14-15 then got a grip to win 20-16. D Oakes, M Gibbs and R Jepson won 22-15 and captain Jill Grapes, P Benton and R Wright fought back well and closed out at 16-16 (overall 71-77).

Highest scoring rink for Martham with a score of 39-13 was Keith Davis, Philip Dowe and Terry Nash.

In Yarmouth League Sub Area C the Kites beat Gorleston Lions 7-2. It was the combination of Nigel Seggie, Keith Davis and Ray Bourne which carried the team, putting in a great 27-5 win. Pam Symes and Terry Nash only narrowly lost by three shots and despite Fred Brighton having to be virtually carried from the green following an earlier fall, his rink with Terry Granfield and Elaine Donovan managed to win by two shots.

Kites beat Caister Castles 5-4 (69-41) in the final game of the season which, with rearranged matches taking play into dusk, seems to have gone on forever.

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Yet again being one player short, it was a fine performance from one rink that gave the Kites a win with Robert Brooks, Keith Davis and Ray Bourne scoring 37-3. Terry Granfield, Terry Nash and Pat Dickinson started well but Caister had drawn level by the 15th end and it was all level on the last end with Caister pipping Kites by one short.

Bringing up the rear was Jeff Turner and Elaine Donovan who struggled against Caister and their own green, much to the amusement of the opposition. However, they pulled back before finally losing by four shots. Points were 5-4 to Kites with a total score of 69-41.