Major events test riders

CYCLING: Last week was another busy one for Great Yarmouth’s time trialling fraternity with two major events in Norfolk, just outside of Norwich, on the A11.

Wednesday evening saw Chris Roberts and Neil Turner travel down to Wymondham for CC Breckland’s mid-summer 10 mile time trial.

On an evening where the wind was at a minimum and the air pressure was high, the conditions were perfect for many riders to record new personal bests.

After a busy few weeks Neil Turner rode hard to record a time of 21.27 – one second slower than his ride two weeks ago when he equaled the club record.

Out of a field of fifty-two riders Neil finished seventh overall and once again showed himself to be a consistently strong rider not only in the club but on a regional basis.

Off soon after was veteran rider Chris Roberts, who pushed hard and recorded a new personal best of 23:08 – a fantastic time to record in his first year back to the sport after a 30- year break and a testament to the merits of hard training and determination.

Later on in the week, on Sunday, Chris and Neil returned to the same course to take on the Norwich ABC summer 25 mile time trial on the A11.

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With the weather conditions looking even better than Wednesday evening, the morning event was set to be the scene where some fast times would be recorded.

Out of a full field of 83 riders, the top time was ridden by national elite rider Russell Hampton of Sigma Sport with 50:35.

The fastest Great Yarmouth time was recorded by Neil Turner, who not only broke another personal best in a 25 mile time trial but also the GYCC record with riding a phenomenal time of 54:22.

Neil was the 11th fastest rider of the day and seventh quickest veteran; a fantastic achievement which Neil was understandably delighted with.

Also celebrating with a great ride was Chris Roberts, who not only recorded another personal best (his second of the week) but also reached a milestone all cyclists aim to achieve – riding a 25 under the hour.

Chris rode strongly to record a fantastic time of 59.34, which he was thrilled to achieve.

With the season only just entering July, GYCC are taking great leaps of progress.

With Great Yarmouth riders regularly recording personal bests and obtaining top 10 positions, the club is in a great place and with plenty of time to develop further.

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Or call club secretary, Neil Turner, on 07850 999594 to see how you can get started on your cycling journey.