Marathon efforts by athletes

THE London Marathon included 13 Great Yarmouth Road Runners.First clubman home was Neil Sibley, pleased with his sub 3-20. Newcomer Dean Foden and Ed Shulver were under the four-hour mark by quite some margin.

THE London Marathon included 13 Great Yarmouth Road Runners.

First clubman home was Neil Sibley, pleased with his sub 3-20. Newcomer Dean Foden and Ed Shulver were under the four-hour mark by quite some margin. Next was Carole Spong who again made the biggest impact of the contingent, in the top three of her age division, something she has done for the last three years, on one occasion winning it outright.

Marie Worrall was next to finish with a personal best time. Andy Peck was next, Tony Anderson, Jo Foden and Nick Symeou all made it home in under five hours, the majority closer to four.

Angie Pacey, Rod Shulver, Denise Etherington and Jim Spong had more than their share of tales to recount. For Denise, with her pb for the distance; and Jim, with his new club record, it will have been particularly memorable. Many will have already applied to enter next year's race. Before that there is a multitude of races at all sorts of distances and in all sorts of places.

Here in Yarmouth alone there are the ongoing Five Mile Series, the 10k race and the half marathon, while in September the Round Norfolk Relay passes through.

Results - London Marathon: 1 Neil Sibley 3-19:13, 2 Dean Foden 3-46:43, 3 Ed Shulver 3-56:27, 4 Carole Spong 4-02:11 (3rd over 65), 5 Marie Worrall 4-09:10 (pb), 6 Andy Peck 4-11:39, 7 Tony Anderson 4-22:32, 8 Jo Foden 4-25:02, 9 Nick Symeou 4-42:06, 10 Angela Pacey 5-24:33, 11 Rod Shulver 5-33:51, 12 Denise Etherington 5-50:24 (pb), 13 Jim Spong 5-56:56 (new club record).

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In preparation for the London Marathon, Chris Gay was the only competitor from GYDAC at the Bungay Half Marathon. Competing in a field of 465 runners, he was exceptionally pleased with his position of 79th recording a time of 1-41:41.

Ensuring that none of GYDAC's London Marathon entrants got a last minute injury - only two club members entered the Great Yarmouth Road Runners' Promenade 5 Mile Race.

David Goodwin was the first GYDAC member to finish in 37:25, closely followed by David Drewittin 39:15.

North Norfolk Beach Runners' Chase the Train - a 8.9 mile run alongside the tracks of the Aylsham to Wroxham Bure Valley Railway saw - GYDAC's sole competitor David Drewitt pleased with his time of 1-13:14.

Five members of GYDAC took to the streets of London. First club finisher Chris Gay had trained exceptionally hard and it showed in a time of 3-44:43.

John England, with only an eight-mile training run completed, was pleased to finish in 5-14:48. Denise Goodwin and Maureen England made a pact to run the race together. Denise was running to raise funds for Prostrate Cancer Charity in memory of her father. Maureen fell at four miles, she picked herself up and they continued to complete the course and crossed the finishing line together in a time of 5-34:31.

For Pat Brightman this was her 14th London. Knowing that she hadn't trained enough, she was beginning to tire, when she met up with Jim Spong from Great Yarmouth Road Runners at 15� miles - they decided to complete the course together and Pat finished in a time of 6-09:13.

Special thanks must be given to all the GYDAC cheerleaders along the route - Elaine, David Sue R and Diane, Dawn and Karly, Sue F, Penny and Penny's mum.

AFTER last week's successful start double the numbers arrived for the second Park Run. Twenty runners lined up and everyone who ran last week improved on their time.

Winner was Patrick Colby of Gorleston in 19:30, shaving eight seconds off the course record. Second for the second week running was Sean Jermy.

This is a free event for runners, joggers and walkers of all standards but please register on the website by the previous day. It takes place every Saturday morning at 9am (please arrive just before that) and the start is on the cliff top near Park Road. It is a two circuit course of cliff top and promenade and the finish is on the prom near the yacht pond. This is a national series of 5k runs to promote fitness in the run-up to the 2012 Olympics. Check out the website, especially under Our Events and Gorleston Cliffs, for photos and news.

Full results for Gorleston Cliffs event 2, May 2: 1 Patrick Colby 19:31, 2 Sean Jermy 20:01, 3 Kerem Hussein 23:56, 4 Mark Sherwood 24:01, 5 Unknown Athlete, 6 Tamsin Desborough 25:33, 7 Paul Ferrow 25:50, 8 Howard Wilcox 26:24, 9 Peter Smith 27:10, 10 Jo Long 28:19, 11 Steve Stringer 29:24, 12 Avril Lilly 29:58, 13 Mark Bound 30:11, 14 Tony Ludlam 30:49, 15 Peter John Westgate 31:46, 16 Janet Sanderson 32:59, 17 Sarah Sharman 34:22, 18 Brenda Williams 36:16 , 19 Linda Phillips 38:59, 20 Elaine Stone 40:54.