Memorial total passes �2,000 thanks to anglers

ANGLING: The annual fishing match took place on Great Yarmouth beaches to raise funds for the Macmillan Nurses group at the James Paget Hospital in memory of Mark Alsop, who was treated there until his death from bowel cancer aged 44 in late 2007.

This is the third year that the event has been run and to date it has raised just over �2,000.

Mark Alsop Memorial Cup match 2010 (peg numbers in brackets): 1st Paul Thorburn (25) 4lbs 14.66ozs (Kings Lynn), 2nd Fred England (22) 4lbs 12ozs, 3rd Peter Loke (27) 4lbs 9.66ozs, 4th Karl Gibson (20) 3lbs 14.66ozs, 5th E Ian Holmes (7) 3lbs 12ozs and M Weller (4) 3lbs 12ozs, 7th J Rosati (30) 3lbs 8.66ozs, 8th Dene Conway (18) 3lbs 0.66ozs, 9th John Carter (8) 2lbs 14ozs, 10th Paul Bowles (28) 2lbs 13.33ozs.

11th Wayne Hurrin (35) 2lbs 10.66ozs, 12th Robin Greenwood (6) 2lbs 1.33ozs, 13th Peter Morse (16) 2lbs 0ozs, 14th Peter Freezer (17) 1lb 15.66ozs, 15th John Abbott (14) 1lb 14.33ozs, 16th Mick Ellis (51) 1lb 13.33ozs, 17th Matt Lawes (1) 1lb 12.66ozs, 18th Martin Waters (43) 1lb 11ozs, 19th Jeff Stannard (57) 1 lb 6.66 ozs, 20th D Donaldson (68) 1lb 4.66 ozs.

21st Keith Mountifield (21) 1lb 2.66ozs, 22nd T Donaldson (53) 1lb 1.66ozs, 23rd Tony Thomas (59) 11.33ozs, 24th Dick Abel (67) 10.66ozs, 25th E Steven Smith (37) 10ozs and Danny White (40) 10ozs, 27th Simon Roberts (41) 9.33ozs, 28th Andy Lawes (64) 6ozs, 29th Roger Allerton (42) 4.66ozs, 30th E Mel Nicholls (62) 2.33ozs and Adrian Crane (61) 2.33ozs.

The remaining anglers probably caught undersized fish, but did not return cards and are listed in peg number order: John Spandler (11), Steve O’Rouke (19), T Bowles (29), Trevor Elliot (38), Alan Doy (39), Peter Locke (44), Terry Smith (45), Karl Barnard (47), G Debbage (50), Alan Steel (53), Brian Heritage (54), K Platford (55), Wayne Thurtell (56), Chris Halliday (58), Colin Fish (60), K Pasby (63).

The biggest round fish pool of �47 was won by Terry Donaldson, and Wayne Hurrin and Paul Bowles both took good Dabs to share the �47 pool for the biggest flatfish.

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Section winners (�13 each): Pegs 1 to 10 Ian Holmes and M Weller both 3lbs 12ozs, 11 to 20 Karl Gibson 3lbs 14.7ozs, 21 to 30 Paul Thorburn 4lbs 14.7ozs, 31 to 40 Wayne Hurrin 2lbs 10.7ozs, 41 to 50 Martin Waters 1lb 11ozs, 51 to 60 Jeff Stannard 1lb 6.7ozs, 61 to 70 D Donaldson 1lb 4.7ozs.

The donation to Macmillan Nurses at the James Paget Hospital is made up as follows: �3 donation from each ticket 47x3 – �141; collection from raffle and donations �286; �3 excess from section pool divisions (rounded to equal �13 pay outs).

Total donation �430.