Moore outbowled by King

Fakenham's Mervyn King stunned the late night crowd in Swansea on Wednesday with a majestic display of drawing to the jack that left his east Norfolk colleague and PBA qualifier Lewis Moore, from Acle IBC, in his wake.

Fakenham's Mervyn King stunned the late night crowd in Swansea on Wednesday with a majestic display of drawing to the jack that left his east Norfolk colleague and PBA qualifier Lewis Moore, from Acle IBC, in his wake.

King's 10-5, 10-2 victory saw him through to the quarter-finals of the WBT Gravells Welsh International Open, but did not tell the whole story of the match - in which the 23-year-old Moore gave a good account of himself.

Apart from a first-end treble, Moore was allowed only two singles and a double in 16 ends, but it was not for the want of trying - or lack of ability.

“I felt I played really well,” said Moore. “But Mervyn was a different class. I was unfortunate to come up against him when he was in one of his meanest moods, and at the top of his form.”

King had beaten Moore in the recent world championships at Hopton.

Acle Indoor Bowls Club

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The Ladies A Team were at home to the Dell on Saturday and won to stay top of their league.

Margaret Arnold, Betty Brown and Melanie Haylett were level at five each at five ends but after scoring a five on the seventh went on to win 17-7. Marian Marshall, Pat Dickinson and Jean Cossey were 5-4 at five ends but by eight ends it was 14-4 and they won 17-8. Marion Himpleman's block were three each at five ends and 8-6 at 10 but lost the last four ends to finish 8-13. Sue Batchelor's block were 3-4 at five ends and 7-6 at 10 but they too lost the last four ends and finished 7-13. Result 49-41 (6-2).

Away to Norfolk Bowling Club the Men's C team faced a difficult fixture. Keith Owen, Jim Cole, Ray Smith and Mick Askham were 7-10 down at nine ends but 16-10 up at 15 and won 21-14. Russell Thurtle, John Arnold, Bill Downie and Pat Beales were four each at five ends, 12-5 at 10, 19-8 at 15 and batled to 23-17. Brian Grint's rink were five each at eight ends and 6-14 at 12 and went on to lose 12-21. Ashley Smith's rink scored a six on the fifth end to go 9-8 up, were 13-12 at 10 but dropped a six on the 17th after the jack moved in the wrong direction and lost 17-30. Result 73-82 (2-5).

Bowling Club will remain in the second spot in the league but Acle still have three games in hand and all to play for.

Great Yarmouth IBC

WHEN the Ladies Reds visited N Walsham B they went ahead by 10 shots overall by the third end, and stayed ahead, finishing 43 shots in front with a score of 76-33 for eight league points.

A Lynes N Pyzer and D Edwards were 18-4 at seven ends, which included a five and six, then scored seven more shots to three against to win 25-7. C King, L Westgate and P Ellis were 11-6 up at eight ends and went on to score six more shots to one to win 17-7. M Lynes, M Nichols and G Swanston ahead at seven ends 9-6, won the next four ends 7-0 making it 16-6, and went on to win 18-8. C King, L Westgate and P Ellis stayed ahead of their opponents all through to win 17-7.

The ladies Blue team at NBC went ahead from the start and won 57-47, taking six league points. H Farrow, C Jesty and M Clark won by 12 shots 18-6 which included a five and two threes. M Surplice, P George and T Lewis struggled at the start but on eight drew level 9-9, and won 14-12. V Punchard, B Taylor and W Ellison, after being 11-2 up at eight ends scored two more shots to 13 and finished just two shots down 13-15.

Playing at home the Ladies Blue team lost to CA Yellow by just seven shots 46-53 and took one league point when one block won and three lost.

Browston IBC

The ladies B team and the men's B team both took one point from their respective games.

The Ladies away to Norfolk Lions lost overall 33-58, Janet Barber, Liz Myhill and Sheila Shaw took an early lead 9-2 at the sixth, over the next seven ends took only two shots to their opponents' eight, but held on to win by one shot, and gained the team's one point. Jill Boggis, Dahlia MacDonald and Jill Adams, 7-1 up at the sixth, then lost 12 shots over the next four ends to two themselves 9-13, going into the final end four shots needed for a win, but only three scored which left them 12-13 down.

The men playing at home against Yarmouth A had one winning rink N Miller, G Downing, C Deverill and A Harrison, 11-8 up at halfway and continued to score shots to win 22-17. R Hunn, W Bowles, A Shearing and D Hancock, 9-1 up at the sixth, but their opponents came back scoring 14 shots over the next six ends 9-15 and kept their lead to win 18-24.

The mixed fours team travelled to Dereham where they meet a very strong Brecks side losing 34-117, Janet Barber, K Briggs, S Hopwood and Sheila Shaw being the best Browston side losing 12-16.