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Broadland-Great Yarmouth 0, Southwold 6Broadland-Great Yar-mouth pushed league leaders Southwold all the way. It was not until the 70th minute that the Suffolk side took the lead with a penalty.

Broadland-Great Yarmouth 0, Southwold 6

Broadland-Great Yar-mouth pushed league leaders Southwold all the way. It was not until the 70th minute that the Suffolk side took the lead with a penalty. A second on the final whistle confirmed victory.

The wind was running from end-to-end and Broadland were gifted considerable advantage in the first half with it at their backs.

In difficult conditions for the lineout Khan Bilyard connected perfectly with Adam Towfighi to secure ball at the five. Broadland drove on, with scrum half Phil Buckley pulling players into the mass of bodies.

However, it was a penalty against Broadland for handling in the ruck that gave Southwold the chance to clear.

Southwold had some good attacking phases but with every possession the fly half Ash Lightfoot and full back James Doggett kicked them back.

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Broadland had chances but did not take them, a penalty from Lightfoot was blown wide and Broadland should have made much more of the five metre scrum.

Following the change of ends, playing in the second half into the wind, with kicking almost impossible, Broadland reverted to their trademark rolling maul as forwards Chiddle, French and Beckett put in the hard work, allowing flankers Morrison and Dixon to move the ball upfield.

Deep kicks sent Broadland back, leaving wings Scott and Collings to deal with a number of high balls.

Broadland brought on two subs Alfshinpour and Gallie, and the Great Yarmouth side began to steadily move the ball upfield through the work of the backs. Prop Bristo put in a typical barrelling run, but Broadland could not get inside the Southwold 22.

Southwold kicked a penalty to take the lead and Broadland, with no hope of kicking themselves out of trouble, continued to maul the ball upfield. It was the last kick of the game that saw Southwold extend the lead to 6-0 through a second penalty.

Team: J Doggett, B Collings, M White, S Ledgerwood, M Scott, A Lightfoot, P Buckley, M Beckett (capt), K Bilyard, R Bristo, S French, R Chiddle, A Morrison, E Dixon, A Towfighi. Replacements: R Gallie (49 mins), J Alfshinpour (53 mins).

Pen: Lightfoot 0 of 1.

Broadland-Great Yarmouth Rugby club has secured a shirt sponsor for both its first XV and youth section. The National Fostering Agency (NFA), one of the most experienced and long established independent fostering agencies in the United Kingdom, has taken the approach of working with Great Yarmouth's only rugby club to raise the profile of the NFA in the area.

The club and NFA have joint aims of ensuring children stay healthy and stay safe through sport, as well as advocating the benefits of playing a team game.

For more information on the NFA visit

For more information on playing rugby, youth or senior or becoming involved in helping run the club, visit