Paralympian Jessica-Jane gets seal of approval

Local Paralympian Jessica-Jane Applegate enjoyed success in Germany in her first international event abroad despite a lack of training after undergoing an operation four weeks prior to her first race.

UEA head coach Alex Pinniger, who accompanied her in Berlin had not placed any expectations on Jess. But over the week she raced in five heats and made it through to five A finals. In the 100m backstroke finals she managed a 7th place and in the 50m and 100m freestyle finals she claimed bronze. In the 50m butterfly final and the 200m freestyle final Jessica earned gold in both. She claimed two new regional records and a new British record at the event.

Before Jessica left for Germany the EDP had reported that the Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary had rescued a five-day old seal from someone’s bath and named her Jessie-Jane after Jessica. Jessica has adopted the seal and hopes lots more people support the sanctuary. Jessica said: “I hope I can do everyone proud in London and thank you to everyone who has helped me get this far.”

Yarmouth shot-putter Sophie McKinna (17), saw hopes of a medal in the World Junior Athletics Championships dashed when she was beaten into sixth place in Barcelona. The event was won by Shanice Craft of Germany with 17.15m followed by Gao Yang (China, 16.57) and Bian Ka (China 16.48). F