Parkrun nearing 1,000 milestone

Gorleston Cliffs parkrun No 110, May 28

Exactly 100 intrepid runners, joggers and walkers assembled for this week’s event including many first timers.

Carl Prewer of Lowestoft Road Runners led from the start for his 11th win in 17:16.

Second, in an impressive personal best of 18.46, was Vinny Jones. This followed his excellent 3-12 time in last Sunday’s Edinburgh marathon and a few miles on the bike in-between. Third in 18:56 was David Hughes who moves into second place in the points league.

In the ladies’ race, Cheryl Holder of Purple Patch Runners was also a clear winner in 20:56 with Katie Samuelson of Cambridge and Coleridge AC in 21:31 and Shelley Smith of Lowestoft RR in 23:29 in second and third place respectively.

There are now 990 runners registered for Gorleston parkrun so the run should see a celebration of the 1,000th runner.

Next it’s the national parkrun Lucozade Runfree Taster Day and Gorleston Cliffs will be taking part.

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Turn up in/with some form of orange gear, bring some cake to share, donate something to the Action for Children charity (suggested donation �1) and consider staying a little longer to do another 5k (on the hour every hour throughout the day), experience useful exercises, chat to others.

The main aim is to provide a friendly 5k or 2.5k running or walking experience to anyone who wishes to try this regular fitness-first event before becoming a regular Saturday mornings.

The normal timed run will take place at 9am with Lucozade to follow.

The Sweatshop prizewinner for May is Pauline Richardson.


1 Carl Prewer M 17:16 79.63pc Vm40-44 (Lowestoft Road Runners), 2 Vinny Jones M 18:46 69.09pc Sm30-34 (Unattached) New Pb by 12 secs, 3 David R Hughes M 18:56 76.06pc Vm45-49, 4 Jonathan Meadows M 19:32 67.15pc Sm30-34 (Lowestoft Road Runners), 5 Darren Cains M 19:45 66.08pc Sm30-34, 6 Steven James Rix M 20:00 64.58pc Sm25-29 (Dereham Runners AC) 1st Run, 7 Matthew John Buckoke M 20:24 65.03pc Sm35-39, 8 James Norman M 20:48 64.66pc Sm35-39 New Pb by 14 secs, 9 Cheryl Holder F 20:56 74.92pc Vw40-44 (Purple Patch Runners) New Pb by 30 secs, 10 Stephen Leeves M 21:14 71.19pc Vm50-54 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners), 11 Mark Womack M 21:19 64.50pc Vm40-44, 12 Andrew Neil Baker M 21:23 65.32pc Vm40-44 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners)< Td>, 13 Katie Samuelson F 21:31 69.09pc Sw30-34, Cambridge and Coleridge AC, 14 Mark Mountain M 21:36 62.27pc Sm35-39 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners) 1st Run, 15 Paul Timms M 21:40 60.54pc Sm30-34 New Pb by 12 secs, 16 Nick Overy M 21:45 64.21pc Vm40-44, 17 Darren Gillman M 22:04 62.31pc Vm40-44 (Spa Striders) RC 1st Run, 18 Kane Simmonds M 22:08 64.08pc Jm14 (Great Yarmouth and District AC), 19 Martin Simpson M 22:11 58.60pc Sm30-34 New Pb by 28 secs, 20 Luke Blackwell M 22:13 58.06pc Sm25-29.

21 Glenn Ellis M 22:20 60.67pc Sm35-39, 22 Daniel Blackwell M 22:29 57.38pc Sm25-29 New Pb by 69 secs, 23 Sidney Overy M 22:30 63.04pc Jm14 New Pb by 67 secs, 24 Matt Applegate M 22:32 57.54pc Sm30-34 1st Run, 25 Martin Hazell M 22:35 62.29pc Vm40-44, 26 Steve Stringer M 22:36 62.24pc Vm40-44 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners) New Pb by 3 secs, 27 Duncan Harrison M 22:39 58.57pc Sm35-39, 28 Jonathan Todd M 22:44 56.74pc Sm25-29, 29 Kevin Burgess M 22:47 63.72pc Vm45-49 New Pb by 63 secs, 30 Paul Greensides M 22:52 59.26pc Sm35-39 New Pb by 28 secs, 31 Mark Elflett M 23:03 62.47pc Vm45-49 (Lowestoft Road Runners), 32 Michael Miller M 23:07 56.45pc Sm30-34, 33 Paul Wilson M 23:10 55.76pc Sm25-29 1st Run, 34 James Donnelly M 23:15 59.14pc Vm40-44, 35 Steven Rees M 23:18 57.73pc Sm35-39, 36 Alan Churchman M 23:25 57.01pc Sm35-39 1st Run, 37 Shelley Louise Smith F 23:29 63.02pc Sw20-24 (Lowestoft Road Runners) 1st Run, 38 Graham Sewell M 23:46 57.85pc Vm40-44 1st Run, 39 Matthew Alp M 23:57 54.77pc Sm30-34, 40 Philip Harvey M 24:11 56.44pc Vm40-44 New Pb by 1 sec.

41 Michael Dean Dale M 24:13 57.67pc Vm40-44 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners), 42 Neil Read M 24:20 53.63pc Sm30-34, 43 Kevin Lake M 24:23 55.98pc Vm40-44, 44 Mark Barber M 24:24 56.76pc Vm40-44, 45 Victoria Swanston F 24:32 60.39pc Sw30-34, 46 Sue Fraser F 24:34 70.62pc Vw50-54 (Great Yarmouth and District AC) New Pb by 6 secs, 47 Elayne Hilton F 24:48 63.78pc Vw40-44 (Lowestoft Road Runners), 48 Howard Wilcox M 24:52 61.80pc Vm55-59, 49 Michael Paul Swann M 24:54 56.96pc Vm45-49 New Pb by 16 secs, 50 Robyn Ollington F 25:04 65.89pc Vw45-49, 51 Nigel Ayers M 25:09 56.79pc Vm45-49 1st Run, 52 Paul Ferrow M 25:18 59.75pc Vm50-54, 53 Shaun Taylor M 25:21 58.19pc Vm50-54, 54 Dale Bullock M 25:24 55.84pc Vm45-49, 55 William Delf M 25:41 58.34pc Vm50-54 New Pb by 7 secs, 56 Pauline Richardson F 26:05 65.69pc Vw50-54 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners), 57 Tabatha Sims F 26:12 59.35pc Vw40-44, 58 Michelle Rodwell F 26:23 59.44pc Vw40-44 New Pb by 15 secs, 59 Howard Hunter M 26:43 50.72pc Sm35-39 New Pb by 28 secs, 60 Conner Churchman M 26:54 53.90pc Jm14 1st Run.

61 Maria Ball F 27:14 56.67pc Vw40-44, 62 Tony Ellis M 27:52 51.67pc Vm45-49 New Pb by 26 secs, 63 Louise Pennf F 28.03 59.60pc Vw45-49, 64 Gary David Newman M 28:10 48.82pc Vm40-44, 65 Amy Shearing F 28:14 52.48pc Sw30-34 66 David Bound M 28:39 54.10pc Vm55-59, 67 Michael Childs M 28:43 56.36pc Vm60-64 1st Run, 68 Alison Ayers F 28:48 55.44pc Vw45-49 1st Run, 69 Louise Farrar F 28:48 53.99pc Vw40-44 New Pb by 42 secs, 70 Sarah E Brown F 28:56 52.13pc Vw35-39, 71 Liz Battle F 29:00 55.63pc Vw45-49, 72 Karen Haughton F 29:14 60.15pc Vw50-54 New Pb by 74 secs, 73 Elaine Stone F 29:27 58.91pc Vw50-54, 74 Lynn Stringer F 29:31 54.66pc Vw45-49, 75 Peter John Westgate M 29:41 54.52pc Vm60-64, 76 Bob Arnell M 29:53 57.17pc Vm65-69 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners), 77 John Bound M 30:18 54.84pc Vm60-64 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners) New Pb by 3 secs, 78 Iain Johnstone M 31:03 44.61pc Vm40-44 1st Run, 79 Sally Davies F 31:03 60.55pc Vw55-59, 80 Linda Allen F 31:43 61.80pc Vw60-64.

81 Brenda Williams F 31:44 58.40pc Vw55-59, 82 Charlotte Nicholls F 32:25 50.23pc Jw14, 83 James Ludlam M 32:51 45.26pc Jm14, 84 Tony Ludlam M 32:51 43.18pc Vm45-49, 85 Thomas James M 33:06<Td>38.97pc Sm25-29 (Unattached) New Pb by 2 secs, 86 John Allen M 33:20 50.30pc Vm65-69 New Pb by 23 secs, 87 Maddy Battle F 33:22 44.86pc Jw15-19 1st Run, 88 Rachel Allen F 33:28 44.32pc Sw30-34, 89 Helen Louise Swann F 33:40 45.25pc Vw35-39 New Pb by 58 secs, 90 Wendy Sutton F 34:06 49.61pc Vw50-54, 91 Matthew Sutton M 34:06 37.83pc Sm20-24 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners), 92 Jean Withington F 34:57 54.51pc Vw 55-59, 93 Nicholas Dyer M 35:08 41.65pc Vm45-49, 94 Anthony Harris M 36:01 43.04pc Vm55-59, 95 Anita Elizabeth Betts F 38:09 50.68pc Vw60-64, 96 Elaine Penswick F 38:43 46.62pc Vw55-59, 97 Stan Waller M 38.43, 98 Davina Balls F 39:22 44.07pc Vw50-54, 99 Sallyann Protheroe F 50:53 34.10pc Vw50-54 (Lowestoft Road Runners), 100 Bill Hallaq M 50.54.