Phoenix trio reap reward after epic trek

Three students from Phoenix Karate Schools competition squad enjoyed a triumphant end to an amazing year after an epic trek to the north east championships in South Shields.

Frasier Thompson from Yarmouth, Gorleston’s Samuel Snowling and Harry White from Lowestoft were all in good form as they battled their way through to the trophies.

Harry, 14, went out before the trophies in his individual weight category but made it to the semifinals in the boys’ open weight Shobu Ippon Kumite, where he could not withstand the barrage of techniques coming from his opponent Adam Craven and had to settle for a well-earned third-place trophy.

Samuel however was inspired from his recent trip to the World Karate Championships in Serbia and had an excellent competition. In his Shobu Ippon section he dominated, executing some excellent techniques on his opponents. The crowd gasped when he performed a double jodan (head) kick in his semi-final on an opponent who towered over him by at least 18 inches. In the final he was up against world bronze medallist Adam Craven.

This was an evenly-matched bout and both found it difficult to place a technique. However with 10 seconds left on the clock Samuel executed a mid-section round kick which found its target and Adam was unable to recover from this. In his individual weight catagory he reached the quarter-finals where he was beaten by the eventual winner. Samuel was asked to fight in the AMA team where he led them to victory with another fantastic jodan kick. Frasier, still recovering from his arm injury sustained in Serbia, was back in competition mode. In his open weight Shobu Ippon he showed he was back to form and despite being the youngest in his section he took his first match within 10 seconds.

He then fought on to the final where he took control of the fight and dominated his opponent finishing as the victor.

AMA coach Peter Allan was impressed with his performance, he called him up to be part of the AMA team in the team rotation event where he won a silver medal.

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Chief coach Charlie Trorey 5th Dan said: “An exciting finish to a very successful year. I am very proud of all the squad and their achievements and look forward to more success in 2013.”

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