Pride in defeat for Acle bowlers

Acle Indoor Bowls Club

IN the over 60s Mason Trophy, Acle Ladies played one of the area favourites, Diss. They lost 40-32 but showed great skill and determination.

Elaine Cole’s rink were at home to a rink skipped by Carol Baker and at 10 ends the score was 7–9, at 15 ends 12–13 and at 18 it was 15–16. But they lost 15–20.

Away, Anne Drury’s rink went 9–8 up at 10 ends and to 12 each at 15. The Acle girls had torn up the form book, but the run of the green did not come as they lost 17–20.

In the men’s over 60s double rinks, Acle beat Beccles.

At home Jim Fruin, Les Smith, Richard Church and Arthur Cutting by nine ends were 11–4 up. They scored a six on the 11th, were 20–10 up by 15 and won 23–18.

Away David Stone, David Cole, Denis Goodley and Tony Dunton by nine ends were 3–16 down. But by 16 ends it was 17 each and they went on to win 27–18. Result 50–36.

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Playing The Dell in the Vivienne Trophy, Acle Ladies found the form they needed.

Anita Nelson, Sue Moore, Brenda Cole and Pat Pegram dropped a five on the fourth end but by eight were six each, and 11 each after 13 ends. Dropping shots on only two more ends they bowled well to win 22–16.

Also at home Peggy Budd’s rink were 8–3 up at seven ends but dropped a six on the eight. They fought back to lead 16–15 at 16 ends but lost the final end to finish 19–20.

Away Jean Ryan, Janice Wilson, Rose Yaxley and Margaret Shields went into a 7–1 lead after six ends, scored a five on the 13th to go 14–5 up and went on to win 23–11. Anne Drury’s rink scored a five on the third end and by 10 ends were 14–9 up, 16–17 at 15, and despite winning the final two ends just lost 20–21. Result 84–68.

After five wins Acle ladies’ A played Browston.

Barbara’ Meek’s block were 1–8 down at six ends, 6–12 at 10 and 11–12 playing the final but lost 11–13. Melanie Haylett’s block went 11–2 up at seven ends then dropped consecutive fours. Playing their final end it was 12-12 and they lost 12–14.

Sue Batchelor’s block were 6–5 at four ends, 10 each at nine then 14–12 playing the final end but lost 14–15.

Jean Cossey’s block were 9–3 up at five ends but then only scored one more shot and lost 10–19. Result 47–61 and 0–8 points.

At home to Wymondham Dell B, who were only one and half points behind, the mens C team faced an important game.

Alan Kendall, Adrian Smith, Mathew Carter and Ashley Smith raced into a 10–1 lead at five ends and 15–4 at 10, 19–14 at 15, scored a six on the 19th and won 30–20.

Keith Owen, Jim Cole, Ray Smith and Mick Askham went 2–10 down at six ends, 5–13 at nine, won the following five ends to go 16–13 up. By 18 ends they were 24–14 up and won 24–19.

Roy Roofe, Shane Mitchell, Willie Jeffries and Brian Grint were 7–4 up at six ends, 9–7 at 10 and 15–13 at 15. From 19 each at 18 they won 23 –20. Pat Beales Rink were seven each at seven ends, 11 each at 12, 17 each at 17 but lost the last four ends and finished 17–26. Result 94–85 (6-1).

Away to bottom of league Roundwood the men’s B team needed to win.

Maurice Shreeve, Dennis Edwards, John Harris and Ivan Borrett were 9–5 up at 10 ends then 10 each at 14. A four on the 16th and another on the 18th gave them the edge as they won 21–15.

Brian Kirby, Brian Shorten, Bill Downie and Alan Rowsell were 9–3 up at 10 ends, 16–7 at 15 and 21–8 with three ends to play. They dropped a five and then a six on the final end to draw 21 each. Les Smith’s rink were 11 each at 10 ends, 13–17 at 15 and 15–19 with three ends to play but lost 17–22.

Eric George’s rink went 12–7 up after scoring a six on the 6th, 14–15 at 12, dropped a five on the 15th, scored a five on the 16th to go 19–25 and despite scoring four shots on the final end lost 25–30. Result 84–88 and 1.5-5.5 points.