Runners praise half marathon team

Sunday morning saw the 20th running of the Great Yarmouth Half Marathon.From first light, the Great Yarmouth Road Runners team were active, marking out the course and setting up water stations, others at the Gorleston Football Club, signing the facilities and inflating the new finish gantry.

Sunday morning saw the 20th running of the Great Yarmouth Half Marathon.

From first light, the Great Yarmouth Road Runners team were active, marking out the course and setting up water stations, others at the Gorleston Football Club, signing the facilities and inflating the new finish gantry.

The weather was kind as the first of the 320 entrants arrived. These came from most local clubs and from further afield such as Devon, Kent, Cheshire and even Belgium. Bedford Harriers sent a coach-full including the remarkable 82-year-old Iva Barr.

The 40-plus marshals took up their positions and timekeepers were alert. At 10am on Wood Farm Lane, the wheelchair entrant started his race, followed in five minutes by the main race.

The finishers ran into the football ground amid cheers from over 100 supporters in the stands.

First man home was Gavin Davies of Ipswich Jaffa, in an impressive time just one second under 75 minutes. He had taken the lead in the second half of the race and consolidated a lead of almost 90 seconds over second placed Benvenuto Baldelli of the Cambridge and Coleridge club.

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The first lady was Licia Passin, in 1 hour 37 minutes followed half a minute later by Karen Archbold of (Lowestoft RR) club.

Wheelchair winner was Peter Downing in 1-31:26.

Their reward for completion was a “Thirst Place” T-shirt and a goody-bag supplied by Adnams Brewery. There was also Energy Nutrition from Lucozade and a banana from the local Morrisons Store.

The organisers are indebted to companies like these who “go the extra mile” to make the running experience more enjoyable and help smoother organisation.

The other “extra-milers” are the dedicated support team, mostly from GYRR but also parkrunners, GYDAC and Bungay clubs. Thanks went to the dedicated Gorleston FC team who were extremely helpful throughout and the St John Ambulance team.

Presentation of the 40 category awards was made by Jimmy Jones, president of Gorleston FC.

Organisers were gratified by the high number of runners and supporters who made a point of thanking race officials, marshals and others personally and by emails for encouragement on the route and the organisation generally.

First Man: Gavin Davies (Ipswich Jaffa). First Lady: Licia Passin. Senior Men: 1 Robert Reason (Harwich Runners), 2 Simon Fawcett ((Bedford Harriers)), 3 Anthony Lashmar (Victoria Park Harriers). Vet 40 Men: 1 Benvenuto Baldelli (Cambridge and Colerage), 2 Gary Smith, 3 Mark Clues ((Tri-Anglia)). Vet 45 Men 1 Stephen Pettit (Ely Runners), 2 John White ((Bungay Black Dog)), 3 Mark Garrett ((Norwich RR)). Vet 50 Men: 1 Ian Thomas (UK Netrunner), 2 Steven Neaves (Stowmarket Striders). Vet 55 Men: 1 Colin Robilliard ((Coltishall Jaguars)), 2 Ker Macrosson (Stowmarket Striders). Vet 60+ Men: 1 Richard Blake ((North Norfolk Beach Runners)), 2 Jim Hayes ((North Norfolk Beach Runners)).

Senior Ladies: 1 Rebecca Flynn, 2 Sian Alexander (Cambridge and Colerage), 3 Chloe Hudson (Valley Striders). Vet 40 Ladies: 1 Karen Archbold (Lowestoft Road Runners), 2 Juliet Smith ((Bedford Harriers)), 3 Sarah Vick (The Saxons). Vet 45 Ladies: 1 Sandra Allison, 2 Gillian Loughlin (Conac), 3 Jen Lovesey ((Bedford Harriers)). Vet 50 Ladies: 1 Anne Millett ((Norwich Road Runners)), 2 Bobbie Sauerzapf ((Bungay Black Dog)). Vet 55 Ladies: 1 Carol Betts (Norfolk Gazelles), 2 Anne Florence ((Tri-Anglia)). Vet 60+ Ladies: 1 Jane Bright (Larkfield AC), 2 Mary Owen (Haverhill Running Club).

First Senior Mens Team: Stephen Gibbs, Robert Kett, Paul Churchill ((Norwich Road Runners)). First Vet Mens Team: Mark Clues, David Maslen, Richard Hanson ((Tri-Anglia)). First Ladies Team: Marie Clark, Jo Godwin, Anne Millett ((Norwich Road Runners)).

Full Result: 1 Gavin Davies (Ipswich Jaffa), 2 Benvenuto Baldelli (Cambridge and Colerage), 3 Robert Reason (Harwich Runners), 4 Simon Fawcett ((Bedford Harriers)), 5 Stephen Pettit (Ely Runners), 6 Anthony Lashmar (Victoria Park Harriers), 7 Stephen Gibbs ((Norwich Road Runners)), 8 Robert Kett ((Norwich Road Runners)), 9 Colin Robilliard (Coltishall Jaguars), 10 Jack Gillick (Wymondham AC), 11 Ian Chant (Long Eaton RC), 12 Gary Smith, 13 John White (Bungay Black Dog), 14 Tony Robinson (Tri-Anglia), 15 Chris Scott (Lowestoft RR), 16 Jordan Littlewood, 17 Mark Garrett (Norwich RR), 18 Ian Bailey, 19 Paul Churchill (Norwich Road Runners), 20 Andy Kett ((North Norfolk Beach Runners)), 21 James Preston, 22 Phil Quantrill (North Norfolk Beach Runners), 23 Kevin Willett (Bedford Harriers), 24 Mark Clues (Tri-Anglia), 25 Mark Betts (Norwich Road Runners), 26 Robert Smith (Mansfield Harriers), 27 Paul Little (Droitwich AC), 28 Andrew Preston (Wymondham AC), 29 Ian Thomas (UK Netrunner), 30 Steven Neaves (Stowmarket Striders).

31 Richard Blake (North Norfolk Beach Runners), 32 Graham Moore, 33 Richard Lesslie, 34 Ben Blowes (Newmarket Joggers), 35 James Wilde, 36 Jack Holland (Abbey Runners Leeds), 37 Lennway Hughes (Maldwyn Harriers), 38 Guillaume Giraud, 39 David Maslen (Tri-Anglia), 40 Richard Hanson (Tri-Anglia), 41 Jon Howe (Coltishall Jaguars), 42 Ian Crutchley (Wymondham AC), 43 Martin Gear (Newmarket Joggers), 44 Mark Thompson, 45 Paul Lyon, 46 Colin Stark (North Norfolk Beach Runners), 47 Peter Downing (Wheel Chair Athlete), 48 Chris Chorley (Burnham Joggers), 49 Ker Macrosson (Stowmarket Striders), 50 Tim Earl, 51 Martin Auger, 52 Jim Hayes (North Norfolk Beach Runners), 53 Vinny Jones, 54 Tim Houds (Norfolk Gazelles), 55 Michael King (Coltishall Jaguars), 56 Geoffrey Perry, 57 Michael Aimes (Norwich RR), 58 Sean Bowen, 59 Laurence Abel (Tri-Anglia), 60 Martin Yeomans (Norwich Road Runners).

61 Stewart Ellis (Braintree & District AC), 62 Phil Rowland (North Norfolk Beach Runners), 63 Mark Furnace (Ipswich Jaffa), 64 Robin Belsom (Ipswich Jaffa), 65 Stephen Blomfield, 66 Neil Lovesey (Bedford Harriers), 67 David Ham, 68 Licia Passin, 69 Nick Askham, 70 Stuart Bullard (Bedford Harriers), 71 Unknown Runner, 72 Will McMorris, 73 Jonathon Wiles (Bungay Black Dog), 74 Karen Archbold (Lowestoft Road Runners), 75 Shaun Conway, 76 Dave Leyshon, 77 Rebecca Flynn, 78 John Yare, 79 Sian Alexander (Cambridge and Colerage), 80 Jonathan Meadows (Lowestoft RR), 81 Craig Dungar (Wymondham AC), 82 John Dungar (Wymondham AC), 83 James Sturgess (Wymondham AC), 84 David Kellaway (Tri-Anglia), 85 Ian Hacon (Tri-Anglia), 86 Adrian Smith, 87 Rhys Tyler (Thetford AC), 88 Ian Joyce (Bedford Harriers), 89 Neil Gillingham (Ipswich Harriers), 90 Marc Finch.

91 Simon Goldsmith, 92 Richard Dye (Bungay Black Dog), 93 Christopher Stapleton (Bushfield Harriers), 94 Juliet Smith (Bedford Harriers), 95 Damien Magee, 96 John Pinnell, 97 Matt Howard (Norwich Road Runners), 98 Gordon Ritter, 99 Chloe Hudson (Valley Striders), 100 Sandra Allison, 101 Simon Archer, 102 Dave Spooner (North Norfolk Beach Runners), 103 Gillian Loughlin (Conac), 104 Victor Hutchins (Queens Park Harriers), 105 Marie Clark (Norwich Road Runners), 106 Scott Chadwick (Coltishall Jaguars), 107 Sarah Vick (The Saxons), 108 Stephen Panting (Norwich Road Runners), 109 Liam Herbert (Fairlands Valley Spartan), 110 Frank Moggan (Stowmarket Striders), 111 Cheryl Holder, 112 Jo Godwin (Norwich Road Runners), 113 Alan Lamb, 114 Anne Millett (Norwich Road Runners), 115 Paul Miller (Braintree & District AC), 116 Sigrid Edmundson, 117 Neil Kellett, 118 Ashley Norton (Lowestoft RR), 119 Cliff Lear (Thetford AC), 120 Darren Rowley (Dereham Runners).

121 Alasdair Dyde (South Cheshire Harriers), 122 Colin Murfitt, 123 Ian Burch, 124 Gary Wright, 125 Christopher Milnes (Ryston Runners), 126 Richard Harmer, 127 Rob Bright (Larkfield AC), 128 Bobbie Sauerzapf (Bungay Black Dog), 129 Ben De Ville, 130 Robert Szczepanik, 131 Anna Kirkham (Norwich Road Runners), 132 Andy Buckley, 133 Niina Goos, 134 Jess Hill, 135 Bryn Williams, 136 Charlie Holmes, 137 Keith Brighty (Norwich Road Runners), 138 Mark Waterworth, 139 Simon Floyd, 140 Stuart Herring, 141 Peter Salmon, 142 Reuven Young, 143 Cedric Chavanne, 144 Jen Lovesey (Bedford Harriers), 145 Agnes Boros, 146 Angie Bear (Wymondham AC), 147 Mark Elflett (Lowestoft RR), 148 Michael Jewiss (Dereham Runners), 149 Ben Swift, 150 Darragh Tokan.

151 Kevin Marshall (Ilford AC), 152 Steve Williamson (Bedford Harriers), 153 Mark Tidy, 154 Gavin Thouless (Norwich Road Runners), 155 Trevor Sibley (Braintree & District AC), 156 Richard Pilch, 157 Richard Franks (Northampton Road Runners), 158 Steve Turner, 159 Carol Betts (Norfolk Gazelles), 160 Gemma Webster, 161 Alex Rothwell (Bedford Harriers), 162 Stuart Baumber (Ely Runners), 163 Neil Atherton (Ely Runners), 164 Julie Deadman, 165 Martin Gooderham, 166 Chris Head, 167 Paul Fisher, 168 Paul Saxby (Erme Valley Harriers), 169 Chris Groves (Tri-Anglia), 170 Mike Smith (Wymondham AC), 171 Paul Taylor, 172 Toney Blaxell, 173 Howard Wilcox, 174 Rob Osborne (North Norfolk Beach Runners), 175 Lee Aldred (Team Wolf Pack), 176 Rebecca Childs (Bedford Harriers), 177 Chris Malyan, 178 David Kelf (Ace Valley Runners), 179 Michael Cole, 180 Donna


181 Colin Whale (Bungay Black Dog), 182 John Rednall (Stowmarket Striders), 183 Stephen Crane (Bedford Harriers), 184 Lindsay Stewart Kitchen (North Norfolk Beach Runners), 185 Jon Cleary, 186 Kelvin Waters, 187 Rachel Harmes (Coltishall Jaguars), 188 Jane Bright (Larkfield AC), 189 Helen Oghenegweke (Norwich Road Runners), 190 Roy Owen (Haverhill Running Club), 191 Catharine Carfoot, 192 Catherine Wilkinson, 193 David Girling, 194 John Wilson (Tri-Anglia), 195 Andrea Morris (Barnsley Harriers), 196 Alan Hodgkiss (Telford AC), 197 Craig Neep, 198 Vince Colby (Newmarket Joggers), 199 Andrew Baker, 200 Maureen Su, 201 Luke Rushbrook, 202 Paul Burcham, 203 Rosemary Matlock (Thetford AC), 204 Ian Gascoigne, 205 Corrina Smith (Thetford AC), 206 Richard High (Norwich Road Runners), 207 Neil Clark (Norwich Road Runners), 208 Richard Farrar, 209 Anne Florence (Tri-Anglia), 210 Karen Gedge (Bungay Black Dog).

211 Elayne Hilton (Lowestoft Road Runners), 212 Ian Kingstone (Bedford Harriers), 213 Philippa Rudd (Norwich Road Runners), 214 Mark Durrant, 215 Ian Baker (Bedford Harriers), 216 Christopher Cottam (Bedford Harriers), 217 Lisa Stubbs, 218 Mandy Bunn, 219 Sandie Jardine, 220 Brian Hudson, 221 Niggy Ball, 222 Dave Bamber (Bedford Harriers), 223 Derek Ribbands, 224 Paul Thynne, 225 Phillip Laurier (Lowestoft Road Runners), 226 Helen De Ville, 227 Ronel van der Merwe, 228 Andi Osborne (North Norfolk Beach Runners), 229 Zoe Willett (Bedford Harriers), 230 Kate Hodgkinson, 231 Chloe Travis, 232 Paul Smith (Ipswich Tri), 233 Stephen Morley (Brandon Fern Hoppers), 234 Mike Marshall (North Norfolk Beach Runners), 235 Simon Bunting (Lowestoft RR), 236 Melanie Capper, 237 James Cooke, 238 Sue Hargadon (Ipswich Tri), 239 Colin Goodwin (Kimberly & District Striders), 240 Victoria Swanston.

241 Martin Strowger (Dereham Runners), 242 Rebecca Dowsett, 243 Liam Applegate, 244 Nick Lucas, 245 Sue Osborne, 246 Joanna Duvenage, 247 Peter Riley (Burnham Joggers), 248 Graham Kidd, 249 Helene Hunter, 250 Richard Gallivan (Bedford Harriers), 251 Iain White, 252 Lucy Perry, 253 Clare Waters, 254 Marion Bandet, 255 Sarah Dyde (South Cheshire Harriers), 256 Samantha Reddy, 257 Stuart Palmer, 258 Mary Owen (Haverhill Running Club), 259 Beth Pettit, 260 Emma Renouf, 261 Katrine Middleton (North Norfolk Beach Runners), 262 Joanne Jesney (Wymondham AC), 263 Emma Fickling (Wymondham AC), 264 Mariella Voogt, 265 Mike Fenna, 266 Maribel Quezada, 267 Pete Hammond, 268 Harry Taylor, 269 Ruth Stryczko (Bedford Harriers), 270 Sheila Gillie (Thrift Green Trotters).

271 Bob Jack (Bungay Black Dog), 272 Julie Korswill, 273 Norma King (Bedford Harriers), 274 Bob Arnell (GYRR), 275 Cynthia Lewis (Telford Harriers), 276 Janet Sinclair (Gydac), 277 Tess Burrows, 278 Lorena Henderson (Bedford Harriers), 279 Angela Gallivan (Bedford Harriers), 280 Iva Barnes (Bedford Harriers).