Runners record personal bests

THE first of the three races of the Wroxham 5k series saw a good turnout of 11 Great Yarmouth Road Runners.First home was Andrew Manning in 17.23 and placed 15th overall which also gave him the vet 40 prize and a pb.

THE first of the three races of the Wroxham 5k series saw a good turnout of 11 Great Yarmouth Road Runners.

First home was Andrew Manning in 17.23 and placed 15th overall which also gave him the vet 40 prize and a pb. Sean Jermy ran a pb 18:06 and Matthew Sutton 18:51. After the London Marathon, Neil Sibley did 19:05. Stephen Dady clocked 20:42, Andy Peck 21:04.

Paul Westgate did a pb 21:44 after using the weekly Parkrun on Gorleston seafront as training over this distance.

Karen Manning was the first lady home in a superb 23:15, Lorrain Dawson 24:01 beating off Annette Carter (27:39). Sylvia Dady did 28:30 after having to stop along the way due to illness.

In the Copenhagen Marathon John Bone was competing against 12,000 runners. After running well for 35k he started to tire and finished in 3-32:24.

It seems appropriate that so many of the club runners achieved a pb the week as it's a year since the sad passing of a friend and fellow competitor Brookie. The club's personal best trophy is named after Paul Brookshaw and is presented to the runner who has obtained the most pb times during the year. During the week many road runners members will be attending the Broome 10k in his memory.

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Eighty people lined up at the start of the weekly Parkrun from Gorleston cliffs. Five members from Great Yarmouth Road Runners completed the event.

First home for the club was Stephen Leeves in a pb 21:08 and placed 14th. Matthew Sutton was 15th and 22:24. Paul Spandler gained an impressive pb of 25:42 and 41th place. Annette Carter ran with her dogs in 28.23 and 53rd. Bob Arnell completed his 67th parkrun in 29:31.

GREAT YARMOUTH & DISTRICTATHLETICCLUB runners had a good turnout at the first in a series of three 5k races, organised by Norwich Road Runners at Wroxham, part of the Grand Prix series.

Catherine Lee competing in the Junior Ladies was the first GYDAC runner home in 20:01 in 76th position and was rewarded with a second place trophy in her age group.

First male runner home was Richard Verschoyle, who ran a very good race in 27:09 in 215th slot. Tamsin Desborough, another Junior Lady, just took Stefanie Herod on the finish line. Tamsin recorded 28:31 in 234th place while Stefanie was just one second later in 28:32. Maureen England was pleased with her time of 29:32, as was Elaine Haggarty placed 265th in 31:49. In 277th position Pat Brightman recorded 37:05. John England had to drop out due to injury.

Gorleston Cliffs Parkrun event 58 saw a close finish. There were 12 first timers and an amazing 37 runners recorded PBs.

Paul Whall (JM15-19) won for the fourth time in a time of 17:50. Kevin Sharman (VM40-44) representing Lowestoft Road Runners took second by one second recording 17:51. Chris Scott, (SM30-34) of Lowestoft Road Runners placed third in a time of 17:57.

Sandra Allison (VW45-49) won in a time of 22:36 for the seventh time. She beat Alison Allen (VW50-54) representing Burnham Joggers by 67 seconds. Victoria Swanston, (SW30-34) placed third in a time of 23:55.

In the Age Graded competition, Kevin Sharman recorded a performance of 77.59 per cent.

In the points competition Nick Overy has a lead of 30 points over second placed Stephen Leeves. Avril Lilly leads Elaine Stone by 28 in the ladies competition.

Tea, coffee and cakes were served at the end of Saturday's event, courtesy of Lucozade.

1 Paul Whall M 17:50 JM15-19 PB, 2 Kevin Sharman M 17:51 VM40-44 (Lowestoft Road Runners) PB, 3 Chris Scott M 17:57 SM30-34 (Lowestoft Road Runners) PB, 4 Christopher Cooper M 18:57 SM20-24 PB, 5 Vinny Jones M 18:58 SM30-34 PB, 6 Ian R Thomas M 19:36 VM50-54 (UKnetrunner), 7 Shawn Mason M 19:42 VM40-44 PB, 8 Ryan Chapman M 19:49 JM15-19, 9 Nick Overy M 19:50 VM40-44 PB, 10 Jethro Walters M 20:44 SM20-24, 11 Mark Sherwood M 20:56 SM30-34 (Tadley Runners) PB, 12 Mark Burns M 21:04 VM40-44 PB, 13 Darren Cains M 21:06 SM30-34, 14 Stephen Leeves M 21:08 VM50-54 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners) PB, 15 Matthew Sutton M 22:24 SM20-24 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners) 16 Peter Allen M 22:29 JM15-19 (Burnham Joggers) PB, 17 Sandra Allison F 22:36 VW45-49, 18 Luke Blackwell M 22:41 SM25-29, 19 Andrew P Nicholls M 22:46 VM50-54 PB, 20 Damian Ashcroft M 22:47 VM45-49 PB.

21 Neil Read M 22:50 SM30-34 PB, 22 Peter Smith M 22:54 VM50-54, 23 Stuart Canwell M 22:57 SM30-34 PB, 24 Lee Aldred M 23:02 SM25-29 1st run, 25 Howard Wilcox M 23:38 VM50-54 PB, 26 Alison Allen F 23:43 VW50-54 (Burnham Joggers) PB, 27 Matthew Alp M 23:51 SM30-34 1st run, 28 Victoria Swanston F 23:55 SW30-34 PB, 29 Pauline Richardson F 24:01:00 VW50-54, 30 Jody McElroy F 24:05:00 VW35-39 PB, 31 Kim Summers F 24:05:00 VW40-44 PB, 32 Martin Hazell M 24:29:00 VM40-44, 33 David Bound M 24:36:00 VM55-59, 34 Robert Sivell M 24:39:00 SM25-29 1st run, 35 Steven Rees M 24:43:00 SM35-39 PB, 36 Ross Watson M 24:44:00 SM25-29 PB, 37 Ian Timms M 25:00:00 SM30-34 PB, 38 Martin Simpson M 25:09:00 SM30-34, 39 Brian John Hudson M 25:10:00 SM35-39, 40 Duncan Harrison M 25:15:00 SM35-39 PB.

41 Paul Spandler M 25:42:00 VM40-44 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners) PB, 42 Nichola Seeley F 25:46:00 SW20-24 PB, 43 Kimberley Sparkes F 25:51:00 SW20-24 PB, 44 Elayne Hilton F 26:00:00 VW40-44 (Lowestoft Road Runners), 45 Glenn Ellis M 26:13:00 SM35-39 PB, 46 Colin Whiteman M 26:18:00 SM30-34 1st run, 47 Tom Cheongvee M 27:04:00 SM20-24 1st run, 48 Dominic Bound M 27:10:00 JM14, 49 Sarah Parkes F 27:31:00 VW35-39 PB, 50 Avril Lilly F 27:41:00 VW60-64 PB, 51 Graeme Kidd M 27:57:00 SM35-39, 52 Joshua Womack M 28:19:00 JM14, 53 Annette Carter F 28:23:00 VW40-44 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners), 54 Alison Sullivan F 28:24:00 VW35-39 PB, 55 Fina Moure-Cubitt F 29:22:00 SW25-29 PB, 56 Bob Arnell M 29:31:00 VM65-69 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners), 57 Peter Hilton M 29:43:00 VM50-54 1st run, 58 Sarah Withington F 29:59:00 VW35-39, 59 Elaine Stone F 30:03:00 VW50-54, 60 Nicola Andrew F 30:43:00 SW20-24 PB.

61 Rachel Harrison F 30:48:00 VW35-39 PB, 62 Lauren Ellis F 31:25:00 JW15-19 PB, 63 Janet Sanderson F 31:35:00 VW55-59, 64 Kirsty Aldred F 31:36:00 SW30-34 1st run, 65 Edward Ashcroft M 31:44:00 JM14, 66 Rachel Allen F 32:01:00 SW30-34, 67 Jack Parkes M 32:08:00 JM14 1st run, 68 Louise Penn F 33:20:00 VW45-49, 69 Sharon Cutter F 33:22:00 VW40-44, 70 Brenda Williams F 33:38:00 VW55-59, 71 Phillip Richard Girling M 33:38:00 JM15-19 1st run, 72 Dave Girling M 33:39:00 VM45-49, 73 Joshua Parkes M 34:04:00 JM15-19 1st run, 74 Linda Phillips F 34:27:00 VW55-59, 75 Wendy Sutton F 36:14:00 VW45-49, 76 Jean Withington F 36:54:00 VW55-59 PB, 77 Tracy Gowen F 41:10:00 VW35-39, 78 Bernadette Coleman F 41:45:00 VW45-49 PB, 79 Sophie Parkes F 43:43:00 JW14 1st run, 80 Carol Lillian Piper F 46:14:00 VW50-54 1st run.