Runners tackle new year

The first Gorleston Cliffs parkrun of the new year, No 89, received information from the director about a possible handicap race starting soon.

Brian Tate won for the first time in 19:43 with an amazing performance result of 83.5 per cent.

Second was Shawn Mason in 20:04 and third Carl Prewer of Lowestoft Road Runners in 20:06.

In the ladies’ race Tina Jordan of Lowestoft Road Runners was a clear winner in 21:53, her fourth win, with Pauline Richardson second in 26:54 and Cathy Tooley third in 26:58.

In the league tables Nick Overy leads the men by 490 points and Elaine Stone the ladies by 122 points.

Neil Read is the latest Sweatshop prize winner.

Two new runners attended, and all those whose new year resolutions involve health and fitness are invited on a Saturday morning to try a 5k parkrun.

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It is completely free and very friendly. All people of any fitness level are welcome, just be there by 9am on the cliff path opposite Park Road, any and every Saturday morning.

All you need to do is register first on the Gorleston Cliffs parkrun website.

Results: 1 Brian Tate M 19:43 VM60-64, 2 Shawn Mason M 20:04 VM40-44, 3 Carl Prewer M 20:06 VM40-44 (Lowestoft Road Runners), 4 Matthew Sutton M 20:14 SM20-24 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners), 5 Neil Farrow M 21:03 VM40-44, 6 Vinny Jones M 21.44 SM30-34, 7 Mark Womack M 21:46 VM40-44 (Lowestoft Road Runners), 8 Darren Cains M 21:48 SM30-34, 9 Tina Michelle Jordan F 21:53 SW30-34, 10 Luke Blackwell M 22:02 SM25-29, 11 Nick Overy M 22:07 VM40-44, 12 Peter Edmunds M 22:16 VM60-64, 13 Mark Peach M 22:28 SM35-39 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners), 14 Joel Payne M 22:34 SM30-34 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners), 15 Mark Elflett M 22:35 VM45-49 (Lowestoft Road Runners), 16 Ian Tooley M 22:51 VM45-49, 17 Duncan Harrison M 22:57 SM35-39, 18 Kane Simmonds M 23:22 JM14 (Great Yarmouth & District AC), 19 James Donnelly M 23:47 VM40-44, 20 Lea Fennelly M 24:19 SM30-34.

21 David R Hughes M 24:20 VM45-49, 22 Kevin Blackwell M 24:45 VM50-54 (Norfolk Gazelles AC), 23 Shaun Taylor M 25:17 VM45-49, 24 Michael Dean Dale M 25:35 VM40-44, 25 Neil Thomas M 26:04 VM40-44 (Bungay Black Dog RC), 26 Martin Hazell M 26:18 VM40-44, 27 Paul Ferrow M 26:28 VM50-54, 28 Sidney Overy M 26:53 JM14, 29 Pauline Richardson F 26:54 VW50-54, 30 Peter Spandler M 26:57 VM50-54 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners), 31 Cathy Tooley F 26:58 VW45-49, 32 Dave Girling M 27:01 VM45-49, 33 Tabatha Sims F 27:28 VW40-44, 34 Carole Spong F 27:39 VW65-69 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners), 35 Graeme Kidd M 28:02 SM35-39, 36 Sarah Parkes F 28:09 VW35-39, 37 Susan Rendell-Read F 28:15 VW45-49 (Lowestoft Road Runners), 38 Chris Dye M 28:30 VM40-44, 39 Martin Simpson M 30:26 SM30-34, 40 Brian John Hudson M 30:29 SM35-39.

41 Rachel Harrison F 30:32 VW35-39, 42 Joshua Womack M 31:03 JM14, 43 Sarah Withington F 31:10 VW35-39, 44 Annette Carter F 31:13 VW40-44 (Great Yarmouth Road Runners), 45 Elaine Stone F 31:20 VW50-54, 46 Howard Wilcox M 31:51 VM50-54, 47 Brenda Williams F 33:39 VW55-59, 48 Rachel Allen F 34:04 SW30-34, 49 Jean Withington F 35:28 VW55-59, 50 Wendy Sutton F 35:54 VW50-54, 51 Elizabeth Allen F 43:30 SW30-34, 52 Linda Phillips F 43:32 VW55-59, 53 David George Phillips M 43:32 VM65-69.

Great Yarmouth and District Athletics Club: Thhe New Year’s Day 10K at Wymondham attracted a large field with 340 finishers. Three members of the club ran the race in pleasant conditions around the countryside of Wymondham.

First home was John England in 53:48, Maureen England finished in 1-05:53. Pat Brightman was especially pleased with her 1-16:03, her best 10K for many years.

The next local race on the calendar will be the Reedham Ten on Sunday, January 30, organised by GYDAC. Entries currently exceed 225 and runners of all abilities are welcome to enter this race which is an ideal training run for a spring marathon, especially those who are entered in the Virgin London on April 17.

Entry forms are available from or enter directly on

Race director, Pat Brightman, can be contacted on 01493 733735 for further details if required.

Great Yarmouth Road Runners: In the Wymondham 10k, coming home first for the Road Runners was Phil Quantrill in a good time of 38:16 in 21st overall.

Next back was John Bone with 44:37 in 96th overall, also third in his age category. Andy Peck was 128th in 47:26 and Dave Girling finishing in 51:56 in 203rd place out of total field of 340.

On Sunday, three Road Runners travelled to Horsford for the cross country event put on by Norwich Road Runners. Andrew and Karen Manning ran well, training for the Norfolk County Championships at Colney.

Andrew finished fifth overall and Karen was pleased with her time. Andy Peck ran well considering he had ran the previous day at the Wymondham 10k.

On Boxing Day, Bungay Running Club ran their Groggy Doggy Cross-Country.

In the two-lap race Dave Girling finished in 38:48 for 51st place overall.

Annette Carter ran in the dog and handler category over one lap and did 30:22 for 68th place overall.

The latest parkrun included seven Road Runners: Matthew Sutton 20:14 (fourth), Mark Peach 22:28 (13th), Joel Payne 22:34 (14th), Peter Spandler 26:57 (30th), Dave Girling 27:01 (32rd), Carol Spong 27:39 (34th) and Annette Carter 31:13 (44th).