Sea anglers all waiting for the joys of the spring run

The weather has been all over the place with a cold snap of snow and ice then high temperatures. Things seem to be abnormal.

The massive hauls of whiting are now tailing off. There have been lots of codling around the 3lb mark. Most seem to be in the Corton Roads with local boats close together, sometimes 500 yards off the beach.

Average catches have been between 20 and 50 codling per day. Heaviest fish landed was from a local lining boat at 34lb gutted (estimated at just over 40lb). It was caught 35 miles out.

Poor flatfish results should improve soon. Small undersize bass off Caister have been reported in herring nets. Everyone is waiting for that spring run, hopefully next month.

Our local kayak anglers braving the cold have found plenty of whiting but the cod have been a bit patchy, the north-westerly making the swells difficult to navigate.

North Norfolk beaches have been producing codling and whiting, although patchy. Best returns are from the deeper water from Cley and Weybourne. Cromer Pier reports whiting slowing down. A few codling are caught from Mundesely still, with best results at night on the flood, black lug being the proven bait. I’ve still had no reports from Sea Palling. Please sort that out guys!

Caister beaches have been busy with the same fish running through all the way.

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North Beach is best at night with fish very close in. Don’t cast too far!

Gorleston Pier reports codling caught in the harbour and the beaches have seen a couple of matches.

Best results have been opposite the White Swan wreck. Look for the red marker. Whiting and codling have come on on long distance casts.

There was a report from Tramps Alley of a bag full of codling this week on that strong weekend blow.

Kessingland reported cod up to 6lb on lugworm and squid cocktail but no reports from Covehithe. Southwold Pier has been producing constant dabs. It’s very strange they are not heading north yet, with occasional cod during daylight hours.

Sizewell reports best catches on the ebb with anglers trying whelks with surprising success with Orford the venue for those specimen hunters for a chance of those big cod. Aldeburgh Dirty Wall has been producing codling, whiting on most tides.

Tip of the month. Remember to try bait additives like peeler crab, pilchard oil. Ask your local tackle shop for Sea Scent swim feeders designed specially for sea anglers . Fish hunt by scent not by sight this time of year. I’m looking forward to receiving your reports and remember fish safely and responsibly.

Tight Lines from the High Flyer.

We want you to email your fishing trip details such as time,date, location, baits used, possibly fish returned, along with any pictures we may use to This will enable us to compile a complete report that is genuine, up to date, personal and best of all local, covering shore and boat, totally dedicated to sea fishing.

We would like to add a picture of best fish of the month. The winner earns a free trip aboard our charter vessel High Flyer that runs out of Great Yarmouth daily.

This month’s winner of a free sea fishing trip aboard High Flyer is junior angler Jay Hudson, 12, pictured with his first-ever cod. It weighed 5lb and was caught from the Corton Roads on his first-ever boat trip. He endured howling winds, torrential downpours, biting cold and I was so impressed by his dogged determination for a cod. He never took his eyes off his rod and was rewarded on his last cast of the day. Well done Jay. I was proud to have you aboard and look forward to seeing you again – Jon Old.