Students’ skills on show as Phoenix holds grading session

Phoenix Karate School students at their gradings. Picture: Vivianne Trorey.

Phoenix Karate School students at their gradings. Picture: Vivianne Trorey. - Credit: Archant

Phoenix Karate Schools students showed their skills at their grading on Sunday at Cliff Park Ormiston Academy in Gorleston.

Distinctions were awarded to George Tooley, Jessie Siron, Thiri Nyan Coe, Kizzy May, Noah Laws and Daisy Skeet and adult Helen Scott was awarded an upgrade to 11th kyu.

Other results were as follow:

12th Kyu Yellow Belt; Iris Johnson, Imogen Louison, Alvin Sijo, Tomasz Pasieczny, Miles Patterson, Lily-Mai Green, Dexter Ribbands, Richard Petersen, Samuel Elmy, Jayleigh Haylett, Max Thacker, Dylan Morris and Helen Scott.

11th Kyu Yellow Belt Black Stripe; Gary Peek, Sabina Anwar, Bradley Chua, George Tooley, Madison Fawcett, Star Pearson, Justine Siron, Lance Din, Kirstin Tibayan, Julia Chua, Nia Pearson, Kynan Blinto, James KInder, Jessie Siron, Jared Chua, Finlay McCloskey, Fedora Blinto, Finlay Murison, Alina Anwar, Ashton Chua, Daphne Siracusa, Katie Taylor and Dominick Tibayan.

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10th Kyu Orange Belt; Thiri Nyan Coe, Oliver Calver, Marshall Sumsion, Chloe Killick-Probyn, Lex Lawes, Eddie Duffer, Elliott Still, Harry Scrancher, Isaac Sutton, Jack Davey, Abigail Calver, Sienna Sumsion, Ei Coe Khin, Joshua Cook and Kizzy May.

9th Kyu Orange Belt Black Stripe; Harvey Tyrell, Connor Moran, Noah Laws, Zach Chaplin, Daniel Cambridge, Finley Knights, Jasmine Dunn, Daisy Skeet, Thomas Hansell, Laila Walker, Eleanor Parkin, Matthew Pittam, Tobie Skeet, Amanda Chrenova, Charlie Dodds and Blake Barber.

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8th Kyu Green Belt; Sachin Yokithan, Isaac Johnson, Archie Adams, Kashia Wadhams and Sofia Mavroudis.

7th Kyu Green Belt Black Stripe; Bethany Crisp, Aaliyah Miller, Pavish Somalingham, Ethan West, Krishni Theiventhira, Caitlin Scott, Aaron Sumsion, Isaac Hurrell, Luka Chatfield, George Miles, Esha Singh, Ruby Travis, Rayhan Varshese, Negal Ilankumar, Taylor Nolloth, Adarsh Thomas, Deshaal Ilankumar, Varsini Theiventhira, Madison Proctor, Isabelle Murray, William Mortimer, Ian Scott, Thomas Witheridge-Smith and Mason Buxton.

6th kyu Blue Belt; Samantha Mortimer, Timothy Nnene, Isabel Martin, Jericho Mercado, Johannes Bieber, Hugo Sequeira, Ayva-Mai Claxton, Melissa Fawcett, Henry Hewitt and Daniel Hamilton.

5th Kyu Blue Belt Black Stripe; Max Marshall, Benjamin Tuck, Reece Sinclair, Emmy Snowling, Dylan Good, Harry Snelling and Oliver Cook.

4th Kyu Purple Belt; Saksha Sriharan, Emeka Nnene, Alex Cocarca, Kavinaya Yokithan, Joshua Witheridge-Smith, Billy Baker, Sayaki Sriharan and Cai Wheate.

3rd Kyu Purple Belt Black Stripe; William Snowling, Diya Binoy, Colby Duffield, Alexis Martin and Daine Binoy.

2nd Kyu Brown Belt; Cory Newton-Adams, Benjamin Palmer, Oliver Wadhams and Gavin Irvine.

1st kyu Brown Belt Black Stripe; Anson Chan and Luca Hawes.

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