Tense times as bowls leagues reach climax

Acle Indoor Bowls Club

ON Thursday the Ladies’ B Team travelled to Shotford for their penultimate game of the season, well aware how difficult their task would be.

The result was 40–52 and 1�-6� points. Although Acle are still top of the table with one game to play, County Arts could pip them at the post.

Sue Moore, Rose Yaxley and Margaret Shields flew out of the blocks going 11–0 up at six ends. The pace slowed and although they won only one more end, they restricted their opponents to eight shots, winning 13–8.

Margaret Rowsell, Marian Marshall and Anne Drury were 1–4 down at five ends then scored a five on the sixth, were 8–6 at 10 ends, and finished 10 each.

Shirley Genery’s block were eight each at seven ends, 11 each at 11 but lost out on the final end 11–13. Dawn Horne’s block were four each at four ends but found the conditions difficult and lost 6–21.

Playing their final game against Shotford, a good win was needed by the Ladies’ B team.

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Ladies’ president Anita Nelson, Brenda Cole and Dawn Horne were 6–0 up then dropped one shot on the fourth end.

What followed was something special, some excellent bowling all round scoring a five on the 10th for them to go 19–1 up and win 24–1.

Jan Wilson, Shirley Genery and Pat Pegram were 0–8 down then scored a six on the fourth. They were nine each at seven ends, 13 each at 10, but bounced back to win 18–14.

Ada Sumpter, Amy Barker and Peggy Budd were three each at five ends and 11–5 at 10 and a determined block playing well won 16–5.

Anne Drury’s block were 4–2 at five ends but 4–10 down with two ends to play. Four shots on the penultimate end made for a good finish but they lost 9–10. Result: 67–40 and 7–1 points.

The team are now top of the league and County Arts or The Dell must get maximum points in their final games to beat them.

Away to the Dell, the Ladies’ A team were looking for points to keep in touch with the top teams in the league.

Molly Auld, Maureen Wright and Marion Himpleman went 9–3 up after scoring a five on the fifth end. A four on the seventh put them in complete command as they went on to win 19–8.

Elaine Cole’s block scored a four on the third end but dropped a four on the eighth to go 8–9 down. In a close encounter on the final they just lost 12–13.

Sue Batchelor’s block suffered a similar fate: 6–2 up at seven ends, then 10–9 at 12, the final end was close but they lost 11–12.

Ros Myhill’s block were four each at six ends, but it all went wrong as they lost 4–19. Result: 46–52 (1-7).

At home to Bowling Club, the Men’s A team needed to keep their winning ways.

David Cole, Jim Fruin, Robin Norman and Jason Roope were 12–4 up at 10 ends and dominating. By 15 ends they extended their lead to 23–4, and losing on only six ends finished 28–7.

Daniel Seabourne, Daniel Noble, Jamie Howlett and Lewis Moore scored five on the seventh to go 9–5 up. By 15 it was 16–12, they dropped a five on the 19th and finished 22 each. George Tubby’s rink were 5–13 down at 10 ends, picked up two fours in a good fightback but lost 19–23.

Tony Dunton’s rink were 3–12 down at 10 ends, scored a five on the 16th but lost 13–23.

Result: 82–76, 4�-2�, which puts them 10 points clear at the top of the table.

The Men’s B team visited Brecks in Thetford where a win was important.

John Lettice, Ron Taylor, Mick Harvey and Alan Rowsell were 7–2 up at five ends but by 12 ends it was 10–9. A five on the 18th gave them a 20– 2 lead and they won 23–13.

Dan Mills, Brian Kirby, John Harris and Ivan Borrett scored a five on the second end and by five ends were 10–3 up. By 10 it was 12–6, after 13 it was reduced to 12–10, and after dropping a five on the 17th it was 17–15. The score was 17 each with two ends to play, but four shots in the final two ends gave them a 21–17 victory.

Maurice Shreeve, Ken Copeman, Mick Crow and Les Smith were 9–3 up at eight ends, by 11 ends it was nine each and 14 each at 18. A grand finale gave them a 21–14 win. Barney Wymer’s rink were five each at six ends and 17–10 at 15, 20–17 with two to play but lost 20–23.

Result: 85–67 and 6–1 points

Away to second-in-the-league Wymondham Dell B, a difficult game faced the Men’s C team.

Alan Casburn, Alan Kendal, John Godsafe and Pat Beales were 6–11 down at eight ends, pulled back to 11 each at 12, were 15 each at 16 then finished in style to win 22–17.

Scott Watson, Ray Smith, Willie Jeffries and Brian Grint were 9–2 at six ends and 17–4 at 12, but a shortened jack changed the game. By 18 it was 18–14, playing the final end at 19–16 they were three down. The final bowl turning out the second wood gave them a 19–17 win.

Ashley Smith’s rink scored a five on the fourth end but by 10 it was 11 each. After 12 it was 13–11 at which point the 13 voodoo struck as they failed to score again and lost 13–22.

Mick Askham’s rink scored a five on the third end, a four on the 10th to go 11–7 up, were 16–11 at 15 and 18–13 with three ends to play.

At this point the other three rinks had finished and all eyes were on this game with Acle two shots up overall.

Dropping a six on the 20th was a disaster as they lost 18–21. Result: 72–77 and 2–5 points.

This puts Acle C second in the league but still in a promotion spot with one game at Diss to play.

Gt Yarmouth BC

THE Ladies’ Blue team struggled against Diss in the County League, losing overall 40-65 and 0-8 points.

At 11 ends they trailed 32-35, but the 12th and 13th ends were disastrous with the Blues scoring only two shots to Diss’ 23, leaving the game score at 34-58. The final two ends differed by only one shot to leave the score 40 to 65.

V Punchard, J Barber and T Lewis at the halfway mark were neck and neck at 6-7, then with only three more shots to 15 against they lost the game 9-22.

M Clark, C Jesty, M Symonds were five all at seven ends, 11-8 at 11 ends, then lost six on the last end to lose by three shots 11-14.

J Carter, C Prscott and J Rose were 2-9 down at seven ends, then gradually increased their score to nine all by the 11th end. But over the last three ends they lost the game 12-18.

W Ellison, M Oram and J Saunders had a very low scoring game, 4-4 at eight ends, 8-5 at 12 ends, and with no more shots to six against over the last three ends they lost 8-11.

Browston Hall Bowls

There were mixed fortunes for Browston Ladies’ A team, playing at home with one game lost and another drawn against Pinewood A. Dahlia MacDonald, Holly Bryenton and Gil Bird gained the team’s only point, winning 11-7.

In a tough game against Norfolk Bowls Club, the ladies were four shots up going into the final end. It went down to the last bowl of the game, and the result was a draw 49-49.

June Butcher, Diane Purnell and Sheila Shaw, always ahead in their game, won 14-5. A Kher, June Petts and Pat Drinkall 6-18. Barbara Cheverton, Shirley Aldiss and Diane Burwood went into their final end 15-11, but lost four shots to finish all square 15-15.

Dahlia MacDonald, Holly Bryenton and Gil Bird needed one shot on their last end to draw level overall, and by winning 14-11 gave Browston four and a half points.

A friendly game against Springfield Tourists resulted in an enjoyable afternoon which was shown by the final score of 118-118.

Top rink: M Munro, R Hunter, Petula Winyard and Sharon Evans.

Great Yarmouth Indoor Bowls Club

THE Ladies’ Red team travelled to North Walsham and lost 6-2 on points.

However, the Reds had two winning rinks.

C King, L Westgate and P Ellis started slowly but got to grips with the green and by five ends had scored four shots. By the 10th end it was 8-9. Determination drove the Red trio to score six more shots to Walsham’s single for a final rink score of 14-10.

R Beckett, N Pyzer and J Howlett at five ends were 7-2. Walsham scored on all but one of the next five ends for 8-9. The Reds responded and scored a single and a glorious six shots over the remaining ends to two singles. Rink score: 15-11.

G Sewell, A Ewels and H Farrow at five ends were 12 shots down. They fought back with seven shots over the next five (7-14). Walsham claimed a further eight shots to four. Final rink score: 11-22.

B Wright, M O’Brien and M Lynes could not get going and by the 10th end were eight shots down (5-13). They picked up two singles but Walsham scored six more shots. Final rink score: 7-19.

The Yarmouth Ladies’ Red team were in action again at home against Lakeside ladies. The Reds won 59-49 shots (6-2).

R Beckett, N Pyzer and H Farrow by five ends were 8-1 ahead. Lakeside picked up a single on the sixth end but the Red trio piled on a further nine shots. Rink score at 10 ends: 17-2 shots. The Red team claimed four more shots to Lakeside’s two. Final score: 21-4.

C King, L Westgate and P Ellis were even at six ends, four shots apiece, but against Lakeside’s good bowling added only three more shots to Lakeside’s 12. Final rink score: 7-16.

B Payne, B Phillips and J Howlett at five ends were nine shots ahead 12-3. Lakeside scored eight shots to the Reds’ five. Rink score at 10 ends: 17-11. Undaunted the Yarmouth trio took four more shots over the final ends to come out winners 21-11.

J Warnes, M O’Brien and A Lines at five ends were 2-8 down. However, the Reds picked up eight shots to Lakeside’s five and at 10 ends the scores read 10-13. The Reds could not counter Lakeside’s good bowling and the final score was 10-18.