Tia leads K.9 kickboxers in south Norfolk honours raid

Ten Yarmouth and Lowestoft Junior kickboxers from the K.9 Gym took part in a show at Dickleburgh in south Norfolk, notching up five wins, five draws and no losses. Winners were: Tia Sayer (12), who also won the fighter of the day trophy, who beat Megan Geraghty. Jack Johnson (9) who beat Harleston’s Reece Daniels.Charlie Flaxmer (8), who beat Dickleburugh’s Toni Wymer. Alanna Boyce (11), who beat Harleston’s Melissa Thornton. Katey Plummer (15), who beat Shaylan Sizer. Chaney Docwra (6) had a great draw with Ipswich’s Kai Bannington.

Team-mates Tyler Munro (10) and Shanice Baker (9) unfortunately couldn’t get matched and had to have a skills bout with each other. They both showed great skill in a well- balanced bout.

Kai Williams (9) and Hadley Neller (7) also couldn’t get matched so fought each other and the bout was awarded a draw.

Coaches Dave Munro, Aaron, Scotty and Cam were very proud of all the team who were praised by all the other clubs and officials for their skills and performances.