Yarmouth athletes enjoy Anglian League success at the Wellesley

Great Yarmouth and District Athletics Club

On Sunday Great Yarmouth and District Athletics Club tasted victory in their second Anglian League fixture at the Wellesley against teams from Colchester, West Suffolk, West Norfolk, Breckland and Ryston.

With great results from the first match they were very optimistic that for the first time in several years they could win the following event.

And so it proved as a great home match for the club produced a rare overall victory in an Anglian League match. First were Great Yarmouth 700 pts, second West Suffolk 415, third Colchester 341, fourth Breckland 183, fifth West Norfolk 138 and sixth Ryston 28.

With 18 teams in the league a top eight position in each of the age groups means a place in the final at the end of the season. The under 13 girls were fourth after the first match, on a cold windy day the girls put in so many great performances, the team of Chloe Long, Millie Chandler, Georgia Clarke, Holly Baker, Hannah Clark, Catherine Long, Flora Dell, Daisy Spurway, Alice Wakeley, and Anna Fairhead have the right to feel so proud of their tremendous team win with 105 points, Colchester second with 71 pts, third West Norfolk 37pts. This should push them into the top three in the league.

The under 15 girls team were placed second the league but the team we had out for this match was exceptional and it was going to be interesting as West Suffolk and Colchester also had strong teams. The strength however of the Yarmouth team soon became evident as they started winning event after event.

As the day went on it was obvious that they were completely dominating this fixture. Some of the performances were quite outstanding and the team of Natoya Rimmer, Phoebe Baker, Ella Wakeley, Kate Canham, Amy Dowsett, Emily Anderson, Erin Irwin, Rhiannon Clarke, and Jasmin Kemp put in one of the best performances ever by an under 15 girls team. The result was Yarmouth 133, Colchester 107 and West Suffolk 51.

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In the inter/senior ladies age group were ninth and a good result would push them up the league. The team of Lauren Peach, Polly Davies, Frankie Turner, Tayla Burton, Catherine Lee, Jess Furter, Emma Barwick, Caroline Drewitt, Louisa Marshall, Ellie Simpson and Emily Steward was good enough to win this fixture with 107pts, second Colchester 86, third West Suffolk 69.

The under 13 boys team sitting halfway up the league, had a good day and the team of Connor Dobson, Billy Randell, Kai Beadle and Marcus Smith gave some good performances with plenty of first places and a good win in the relay to give the team first place, which will boost their position in the league. Great Yarmouth first 71, Breckland second 56, third West Suffolk 44.

The under 15 boys were well down the league in about 16th place, but a good effort by Dominic Burnham, Robert Chapman, Peter Cross and Michael Cross should lift them up the table as they finished in second place, first West Suffolk 86, second Great Yarmouth 55, third Colchester 44.

The under 17 boys team is one of our stronger teams and were second in the league but the team of Mark Philipson, Jordi List, Tom Burgess, Josh Clark, Matthew Wright, Kyle Ella, Dominic Oliver and Keelan Pywell were not quite strong enough to beat a very good West Suffolk team who ended up with a comfortable win. First West Suffolk 113, second Great Yarmouth 98, third Breckland 31.

The Senior/Junior men’s team were sitting in sixth place in the league and despite the last minute withdrawal of the teams top sprinter Richard Taylor slight injury the team did not seem to suffer, owing to the availability of several good sprinters. The team of Shane Atherton, Jordon Sears, Ben Johnson, Kevan Pywell, John Pamplin, Andrew Baker, Craig Bean and John Atherton had a tremendous victory and will move up the table with this result. First Great Yarmouth 132, second West Suffolk 42, third Breckland 34 points.

U11 Results

U 11 Girls: Molly Bean 80m Race 2: 1st 13.4, 600m 1st 2m14.7, Ellie Morgan 80m R2: 2nd 13.4, 600m 2nd 2:27.2, Poppy Wynes 80m R2: 4th 14.4, 600m 3rd 2:28.4, Abbie Boast 80m R2: 5th 15.0, LJ 4th 2.77m, Sophie Long 80m R2: 6th 15.4, Shot 1st 4.54m, Carla Richardson-Rowe 80m R1: 2nd 13.0, 600m 8th 2:38.2, LJ 1st 3.09m, Jade Swan 80mR1: 6th 17.6, 600m 9th 2:43.0, Kitty Spurway 80m R1: 7th 17.6, 600m 10th 2:43.0.

U11 Boys: Tyreece Simpson 80m R1: 1st 11.8, Samual Randell 80m R1: 3rd 13.3, 600m 8th 2:17.0, LJ 5th 2.73m, Rhys Foyster 80m R1 4th 14.6, 600m 4th 2:07.7, shot 3rd 4.53m, Adam Hanson 80m R1: 5th 14.6, 600m 9th 2:20.9, James Swan, 80m R1: 6th 16.0, 600m 12th 2:37.0, Jamie Green 80m R2: 4th 15.0, 600m 11th 2:28.6, Marley Barker 80m R2: 5th 15.2, 600m 10th 2:20.9, Levi Lawson 600m 5th 2:08.6, Callum Clarke LJ 3rd 3.18m, shot 2nd 4.53m.