Yarmouth Kingfisher boxers strike Gold

Yarmouth Kingfisher boxers enjoyed a hat-trick of wins at at Gold Star ABC show.

Jack Butcher met Lee Kirby of Goldstar. From the bell Butcher looked to dominate moving forward behind a solid straight left right combination. Kirby had to give ground and once trapped against the ropes was on the receiving end of a series of powerful and accurate body shots.

Butcher forced the Goldstar boxer back to the ropes keeping him at arms length he kept the pressure on until Kirby was forced to cover up then stepped in with a powerful left right hooks to the body.

Kirby started the second in a more determined mood moving forward behind a fast left right to Butcher’s head the Kingfisher boxer gave ground until stopped by the ropes. Kirby unleashed a barrage of punches some which hit home however Butcher soon composed himself and was on the offensive again.

The rest of the round was very one-sided with Butcher scoring at will with his powerful straight left right and left and right hooks to the body and head as Kirby was forced round the ring against the ropes.

The final round again saw Butcher pile on the pressure landing punch after punch with only the occasional reply from Kirby. It came as no surprise at the final bell that the judges gave the bout to Butcher unanimously.

Daniel Davis in his second bout for Kingfisher ABC met D Scott of Goldstar ABC over three two-minute rounds. Davis was not at his best in the first round but looked a different boxer in the second round. Moving forward behind a strong left jab, he found his range and once he had followed it with a right to Scott’s head. Closing the ring down and with good head movement, Davis took control and at the halfway point landed a long-range right that knocked Scott to the canvas.

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Davis kept up the pressure and Scott looked tired standing with his legs straight and his hands near his waist. The Kingfisher took advantage scoring with a right left then hooks to body and head. Scott was only saved by the bell and looked a sorry sight as he slowly made his way back to his corner. Scott at the start of the third he came out a tried to box using a left to keep Davis at distance.

It was only a matter of time before the Goldstar boxer could run no more trapped in the corner Davis unleashed a flurry of punches for no reply forcing the referee to give a standing count.

Davis stepped straight in as the bout resumed with a left right that forced the referee to stop the contest.

The final Kingfisher ABC representative of the night Dan Brown met J Ellis of Goldstar ABC in a Super Heavyweight contest. From the start Ellis looked total overwhelmed by the occasion consistently looking over to his corner for help. Brown dominated the contest for its entire 75 seconds and landed several rights that had Ellis doubled over with his hands over his head. Brown stopped the bout with a straight left right followed by a powerful right hook to the ribs of Ellis and his corner to threw in the towel.