Yarmouth swim juniors enjoy Beckett Trophy success

Swimming at the High School in the first round of the CH Beckett Trophy Great Yarmouth Blue were first with 120 points, North Norfolk Vikings 96, Great Yarmouth White 77, Long Stratton 68.

The 9/u were swimming in their first gala, and Reisha Farman gave them a good start with two first places Freestyle and Breaststroke. Olivia Miller got a good second place in Backstroke with Maia Hollis coming third. Ben Moore swam away to win the boys Freestyle followed byToby Neve.In a close Breaststroke Jack Hartley was second and the Backstroke saw Ben Moore finishing third.

Hollie Haylett for the 10/u won the Freestyle in a fast time and a second in Backstroke pushed all the way by Amelia Mansfield Holly. Macey James was never going to give up first place in the Breaststroke but Charlotte Barker pushed her all the way. Ryan Webb had his best gala yet with two first places Breaststroke and Fly Craig Killick Catchpole never gave up to finish third. Fast improving Leroy Honey in a tight race had a good first place in the Freestyle.

For the 11/u Emma Gordon was way out in front for two first places Freestyle and Fly.Catherine Brown Backstroke and Mia Ross Breaststroke both in their first galas showed no nerves for their second places,with Morven Goff pushing Catherine for her third place in Backstroke. The boys saw first and second places shared. Connor Howes first Freestyle, Fly, second Backstroke, Luke Daine first Backstroke second Freestyle, Luis Boulton first Breaststroke second Fly.

The 13/u girls saw Isobel Robbins pushed hard but she clinched first place with a good swim in the Freestyle. Jade Somerton Davies swam well but was pushed into second place by the Vikings swimmer in the Breaststroke and Fly. Jack Colby at last came good with first places in Freestyle and Fly, The Backstroke saw a close race, Dylan Parker winning from Jamie King with both boys recording the same time. Jamie had his reward winning the Breaststroke. Ashvin Seetul battled away but had to be content with third place Breaststroke and Fly.Good support came from Liliana Rosarti, Hermoine Parker, Vassar Loveland, and Bailey Medler.