Young footballers invited to play a part in Yarmouth Town FC revival

Yarmouth Town FC is expanding its youth set-up and is inviting young players to play a part “in the regeneration of this great club.”

A new Youth Development Programme, will see boys and girls joining newly-created teams for the under-7s, 8s, 9s, 10s, 11s, 12s and 13s, becoming part of a successful, family-friendly set-up.

It also gives schools, youth clubs and parent groups, who in the past have considered setting up their own youth football team, the opportunity to make it a reality with the Bloaters.

The newly-created teams will be led by a qualified coach, supported by volunteers, and will allow young footballers to compete in local and regional youth leagues. Young players will also be given a welcome gift when they join the club.

“Football has the potential to be such a force for good, offering youngsters the chance to get out and be active, to work as a team and to achieve on so many levels,” said first team manager Mike Derbyshire. “I am delighted with the development being made with our Youth Development Programme. Building on the success and achievements of our two existing youth sides, at under-13 and under-15 level, who have been and continue to be a major positive for everyone connected with the club.”

“This is not only because of the success both teams have enjoyed on the pitch but it is because of the friendly, family atmosphere associated with each squad, their coaches and their parents or carers.”

“It should not be forgotten that Great Yarmouth Town FC was on the verge of going out of existence little more than a month ago, and the club is, and will always remain, extremely grateful to our sponsors, DSL, for coming to our rescue. But if we are to avoid such circumstances ever happening again, I see the Youth Development Programme as vital.”

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”To have young boys and girls representing the club at every age group and learning to play the game in the right way and with the right spirit – and most importantly, enjoying themselves – is a way for us to re-engage with the local community, as well as ensure the future of the senior sides here.”

“I sincerely hope we can encourage more and more children, and perhaps some existing teams who are looking for a home, to come and be part of the regeneration of this great club.”

If you, your team or potential sponsors would like to learn more about or become part of this programme, you can contact Wayne on 07900 000077 or John on 01493 600304