Youth bowls policy big success

Cantley Bowls Club

The club will get the chance to demonstrate the strength of their youth policy on Sunday when they put out a team of under-25s against a Norfolk EBF side in what club chairman Chris Carter hopes will turn out to be an annual challenge fixture, 1pm start.

Half-a-dozen Cantley youngsters are regulars in the Norfolk EBF line-up, but they will be representing their club this weekend, and Carter hopes county selectors will take the trouble to see for themselves the quality which is going to be on show.

“My biggest complaint is that nobody goes round and watches the players at the smaller clubs,” said Carter. “I know four or five players who would get in the EBA teams if only they would send a scout round to look at them.”

Of Cantley’s 35 registered players, 14 are under the age of 25 – a result of taking the game into the local school and running after-school coaching sessions for children as young as five.

“Two years ago we had only 18 members and the green was in a terrible state,” added Carter. “But we’ve done a lot of work, our green is one of the best in the county and we believe we’ve got some of the best young players around. For us, investing in youth is the only way.”

Bradwell Bowls Club

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IN the first of two Malta Cup games for the ladies, away to league leaders Freethorpe, Bradwell had a brilliant 4-1 win with Jean Fagan, Joan Bayfield and Dahlia MacDonald 19-11. At home to Ormesby, the result was reversed, 1-4, Dahlia’s rink won 27-19.

In the men’s EBA fours, the B team had two home games. Against Cantley there was an all-rink victory to the visitors 5-0 with George Coxsey, Tom Williams, Allan Collins and Peter Smith on 15-24.

Against Thorpe Rec A the result again went to the visitors 4�-� with Phil Fiske, George Coxsey, Barry Hubbard and John Ward 18-18.

The A team at Freethorpe lost overall with the best from Keith Cooke, David Smith, John Sergent and Ron Beardall 16-14.

In the County Federation League the Reds against Martham won on all rinks for the maximum nine points, Terry Gallant, David Smith and Keith Cooke with a brilliant 39-8.

At Dilham Cross Keys the home side won on all rinks with the same trio the best on 12-23.

The Green team at Salhouse Bell won overall 7-2 with George Coxsey, Allan Collins and Barry Hubbard on 20-15.

In the Men’s Malta Cup, Bradwell A had a close battle with top of the league Acle A for only one point, from Terry Gallant, John Sergent and Ron Beardall 16-14.

The B team at Martham gained four points with two winning rinks, the best from Peter King, Charles Hutchinson and David Armes 23-14.

In the Lowestoft and District League at Sparrows Nest, Bradwell won 85-70 with Jim Ridler, Roger Driver and Ron Beardall winning 27-12. In the Lothingland League, away to The Burrage, Bradwell lost 60-84 with Keith Baker, Phil Fiske and Peter King on 21-15.

The weekend saw the first of the Bradwell tournaments when, at the halfway stage, the weather took over and it was agreed that the results would stand as they were at the halfway point.

First were Jean Fagan, Ken Saward and David Smith (Bradwell); second Phil Fiske, Stan Deverill and Colin Deverill (Bradwell); third Colin Brown, Malcolm French and John Burwood (Browston) and fourth J Harrison, B Knights and S, Knowles (Gorleston).

Frank Hatton won on Monday afternoon 20-11.

Martham Bowls Club

IN the Great Yarmouth League, Martham A at home to Woodbastwick won on all rinks 101-56. Top block M Pratt, T Watson, G Hewitt 33-10. Martham B lost by one shot, 75-74, on a very windy evening at Gorleston, top block E Payne, B Bould, E Faircloth. Martham B won at Filby 72-78 to gain five points, top block J McKane, B Bould, E Faircloth.

In the Ladies’ League, Martham at home to Great Plumstead lost 28-68 (1/2-5.1/2).

In the Norfolk League, Martham B played Ormesby Red at home and won on all rinks 59-40 (9-0), top block Maureen Brighton, Allan Jones, Bing Smith.

The club’s annual open singles tournament for players aged 16 and under was well attended on Sunday with entrants from Beccles, Thurlton, North Walsham and Swanton Abbott as well as from local clubs and Martham’s own junior club.

After the morning session Jack Larter and Thomas Cooper, both from Cantley BC, were through to the final of the U12. At half-way the score was 5–2, but Jack scored two threes to win 11-4.

In the age 12-16 group, semi-finalists were Scott Watson (Martham) v Matthew Filby (Thurlton) and Jack Brown (Martham) v Arianne Gray (North Walsham). Scott and Jack won and played each other in the final.

With one end to go Jack held one shot but needed two to draw the game, and with his last bowl he drew a second. An extra end was played and with a superb bowl Scott trailed the jack to give himself two shots and win the match.

Trophies and cash prizes were presented to the winners and runners-up by club president Jane Rush, and organiser and child protection officer Susan Moore thanked everyone for their support.

Caister Bowls Club

Results for week starting July 11 – EBA Hansell League: At Norwich Union, Caister lost on all rinks for a 0-5 result. Malta Cup: At Martham, Caister won 5-2 then at home to Gorleston they won 6-1. Caister Ladies won at Acle 53-49 (4�-1�).

Federation County Leaue: Caister A won at Martham 9-0. Caister Castaways had two games at home, winning both, Rollesby 96-28 (9-0) and South Walsham Swans 65-43 (7-2). Caister Centrurions at Filby lost 41-57 (0-9).

Great Yarmouth & District League: Caister A at Burlingham lost 69-76 (2-5) then at home to Runham won 74-67 (4�-2�). Caister B at Winterton lost 64-81 (0-7) and at home to Cantley won 86-71 (6-1). Caister Ladies at Freethorpe had a very good win, 6-0.

Ormesby Bowls Club

Ormesby three wood Federation Blue team played at home against Burlingham B and lost 7-2. The winning Ormesby rink was M Hunt, J Jenkins and S Brooker. The three wood Red Federation team at Martham lost 9-0.

In the Men’s EBA League, Ormesby at home to Yarmouth A won by two shots. 3-2, 52-50 (C Fortescue, J Bratton, D Humphries and K Hunt 24-17). Yarmouth were a player short on that rink and the subsequent penalty gave the win to Ormesby.

In the Ladies’ Malta Cup, Ormesby won well at Bradwell 5-1, 59-57 (F Pope, M Sullivan and S Stamp 21-14 and M Hunt, S McCullough and D Horne 19-16).

In the Men’s Malta Cup, Ormesby at Yarmouth A won 5-2, 71-67 (J Bratton, I Carter and K Scott-Greenard 21-11 and C Fortescue, M Hart and R Pope 18-15).

On Monday, in the Men’s EBA League, Ormesby at St Marks had a very disappointing 5-0 defeat.