These pictures show how a new attraction has lit up a section of Great Yarmouth's seafront with tens of thousands of people set to enjoy a series of eye-catching displays.

On Thursday night Fire on the Water burst into spectacular life on the town's Venetian Waterways.

Organised by Great Yarmouth Borough Council and the Out There Festival, the new attraction features flames being shot in the air from bizarre-looking devices, evocative light displays and animated characters.

So far 30,000 tickets have been sold for the Fire on the Water experience.

The temporary attraction was officially opened by the mayor of the borough of Great Yarmouth, Adrian Thompson, who was excited to see another major event come to to the town.

He said: "It is something new isn't it? That's the key thing for Yarmouth now, there are so many new things happening.

"After the last 18 months of Covid, Yarmouth is starting afresh now. This is absolutely brilliant.

"The waterways just lends itself to this.

"The City of Culture bid highlighted how rich we are in our culture. This is the start of good things, I think."

Borough council leader Carl Smith was at the launch night and said: "It is another event we have put on to extend our season.

"We have sold 30,000 tickets, which is absolutely fantastic.

"It is spread over 15 nights and is an hour walk along our fabulous waterways to see these wonderful pyrotechnics. I am very excited about it.

"It is going to be a great event and adds to the half term. We have some great things going on across the borough and this just adds to that.

"We are proud of our arts and heritage and this combines everything in the wonderful restored Venetian Waterways."

Among the 2,100 people at the launch night was Yarmouth Paralympic swimmer Jessica-Jane Applegate.

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There will be a relaxed night on Wednesday, November 3 to accommodate young people and adults with autism and other sensory sensitivities.

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Reporter James Weeds reviews the opening night

From a distance, the fire display looks spectacular. The team made good use of the layers of the Venetian Waterways, making it look more like a smouldering set out of an Indiana Jones movie than a tourism hotspot.

Inside, the crowd were taking photos and enjoying the heat from the flames. The displays continued to impress and delight, with a particular highlight being the spontaneous toots of trombones circled by synchronised jets of fire.

I was a bit bewildered by the middle structure however. It seemed to be making more of a cry than a blow of a horn. Other spectators loved it, but I wasn’t as enamoured.

The animations on some of the huts were a nice touch and the stewards looked fantastic in their bowler hats and long coats. The event was very smoothly operated and I saw a lot of smiling faces.

The intention was to bring more people to the Waterways and it seems to have worked.