And then there were four - The Anyone’s reveal new line-up at gig

GYM 2203

GYM 2203 - Credit: Archant

The popular three piece rock group, The Anyones, have recently added a drummer to their line-up to become a four piece.

They now have the most accepted rock band line up consisting of bass, lead, rhythm and drums which made the magic formula of 1950s to 1970s rock groups like The Shadows, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

Liam Lonergon, Faisall Al-Yousef, and Shannon Waters are all 17 year old students who live in Gorleston and have chosen drummer Harry Wickham to beat the skins for them. Harry is also 17 but makes his living as a hairdresser.

The Anyones made their first record with a session drummer a few months ago and are said to have had a fantastic response in such a short time. The song recorded was one of their own, Stay With Me.

The new line-up is playing at the King William in Gorleston on Friday night between 9pm and midnight.