Band of the month

Great Yarmouth based Melodic Rockers Canine Feline feature as February Band of the Month. Any local based musicians wanting to appear should email miles.

Great Yarmouth based Melodic Rockers Canine Feline feature as February Band of the Month. Any local based musicians wanting to appear should email, write to Miles Jermy, The Yarmouth Mercury, 169 King Street, Yarmouth NR30 2PA or call 01493 847961.

Band name

Canine Feline

Members names

Rebecca Nudd, Ashley Holmes, Arron Clarke, Carl Blackett

Where are you all from/where did you meet?

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All from Great Yarmouth. Becs worked with Carl in previous band Chasing Red. Becs met Arron when searching for a bass player to form Canine Feline in Allens Bar.

Ashley is our newest member, but Becs had already met him on a building site as he was working for his dad's company and Becs is an electrician.

Instruments played

Rebecca Nudd (lead singer) Ashley Holmes (lead guitar), Arron Clarke (bass guitar) Carl Blackett (drums)

Sounds like (style of music)

Hard to say as we don't like to pigeon hole ourselves. We have been compared to Skunk Anansie in the past, but with the new guitarist this will change as our sound is evolving all the time. We always describe ourselves as melodic rock.

Influences and Influenced by

Arron is a huge Papa Roach and Dream Theatre Fan. Becs - KD Lang, Skunk Anansie, Florence and the Machine, Pink and Melissa Etheridge. Ashley likes Alter Bridge, Green Day, Zakk Wylde, Guns and Roses and Metallica.

Carl likes Pink, Rush, Skunk Anansie and Foo Fighters

As band we have a wide range of musical interests, its very hard to single them out as we listen to old and new music.

Becs is a classical singer and studied classically gaining two performance diplomas, so rock isn't her only interest musically.

Best known song?

Ready For Your War, because it's a great singalong.

Where can I listen to you?

We have a Facebook page too so you can become a friend and keep track of our gigs and latest news.

Where can I see you live?

We are making our first performance debut with Ashley as our new guitarist tonight at the Brickmakers, Norwich supporting Pure Passion

Other gigs are listed on the Myspace or Facebook sites, but we travel all over

Do any band members play in other bands?

Arron plays in Mastema, local metal band

Becs is currently working on a new side project with local guitar teacher Ross Stephen, it will be a singer and guitarist duo.

It is a mixture of covers with a twist ranging from Porgy and Bess's Summertime to Amy Winehouse's Wake up Alone.

What's your favourite song of all time?

We can't answer that question, it took us an hour and a half to discuss it and the more we thought about it the more there were to chose from.

One of Becs' favourites is Hallelujah by KD Lang, we recorded a version in our demo Bittersweet.

What is your favourite song by your own band?

Beneficiary and Escape at the moment, it changes all the time though

Who writes your songs?

We write as a band generally, the guitarist or bass player will come along with a riff and Becs writes lyrics and a melody around the riff. Then we arrange the piece until it becomes a working movement.

First gig?

For Canine Feline it was the Brewery in Oulton Broad 2006

For Ashley this Friday will be his first gig.

Best ever gig?

So far probably Halesworth Gig in the Park due to the massive stage and audience it was a great experience.

This year we are looking forward to two great events, Nottingham Pride in July and Manchester. We sent endless demos and letters and were pleased to hear the news that we had been chosen to play, we are extremely excited.

What do you want to achieve?

We would love to achieve fame, but we are all quite happy to write and play as many songs and gigs as we can for complete enjoyment and nothing else.

We always maintain that the buzz of playing your own songs to an audience and watch them sing along with you is the ultimate gift.