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Band of the Month- Clear Addiction

Members’ names Beth Hunter, Stu Pearce, Ryan Atkin and Sam Ball.

Where are you all from/where did you meet? We are all from Caister and met through our school.

Instruments played? Beth – lead vocals, Stu – bass, Ryan – guitar, Sam - drums.

Sounds like (style of music)? You me at Six, Paramore, New found Glory, Clear Addiction

Influenced by? Iron Maiden, Fall Out Boy, Avenged Sevenfold, Paramore.

Best known song? Step Back, Shark Attack.

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Where can I listen to you? or

Where can I see you live? We are currently planning a UK tour and will be playing quite a few gigs around the Great Yarmouth/Norwich area. Keep an eye on the myspace for details.

Do any band members play in other bands? No, we’re all very focused on this band, but Ryan is taking music in college and plays drums there.

What’s your favourite song of all time? Ryan – Aces High by Iron Maiden, Stu – Saturday by Fall Out Boy, Beth – Pressure by Paramore and Sam – Palahniuk’s Laughter by Fightstar.

What is your favourite song by your own band? Breakdown but when we play live Shark Attack always goes down a storm.

Who writes your songs? We all have different parts; Stu usually comes up with the lyrics and a bass line and we work with different ideas until we get the sound and end product we’re looking for.

First gig? Our first gig was at The Marquee in Norwich supporting an awesome Southampton band called The City Calls.

Best ever gig? Either our first headline gig at The Marquee where the turnout blew us away and everyone knew the words to most of the songs or at The Lord Nelson pub in Gorleston with a local band called Red Secret. It blew us away, we were not expecting too much from it and in the end the whole room was jumping and going crazy.

What do you want to achieve? We just want to be able to live by playing in this band as a bunch of friends because it is good to share the moment. When you’re on stage in front of people and everything is going swimmingly there is honestly no feeling like it in the world!