Band of the month- Llewelyn

An interview with a Yarmouth-based band who don’t know if they are behind-or ahead- of the times

Band (or artist) name? Llewelyn.

Members names: Paul Johnson, Rebecca Barwick, Michael Page, Dan Nyman.

Where are you all from/where did you meet? Paul and Michael met in Great Yarmouth 24 years ago, Paul joining Michael’s band and going to form Punched Ugly and then Llewelyn. Dan is from Norwich and played with Eastern Seaboard and joined the band in 2004. Rebecca, who is originally from London, is the latest member of the band joining in 2008.

Instruments played?

Paul – guitar/vocals /songwriter

Rebecca – vocals

Most Read

Michael – keyboards/programming

Dan – drums/programming

Sounds like (style of music)?

A band from 20 years ago – who are either behind the times or ahead of time.

Influenced by?

Massive Attack;The Smiths; Sex Pistols; Neil Young; Nick Cave; Brian Eno; The Carpenters etc...

Best known song?

Long Way Home.

Where can I listen to you?; Llewelyn Facebook page;; Coopers, Great Yarmouth – Llewelyn are played throughout the store.

Where can I see you live?

We are playing at Bedfords, Norwich, January 5; Jurnets, Wensum Lodge, Norwich, January 29; The Rooms, Ocean Room, Gorleston, February 4.

Do any band members play in other bands?

No, we are fully committed to Llewelyn.

What’s your favourite song of all time?

Impossible to answer. Asking us for our top 100 songs would be easier to answer than one.

What is your favourite song by your own band?

Paul – My next new song.

Rebecca – Long Way Home

Michael – Time

Dan – Is This All

Who writes your songs?

Paul writes all of the words and rough chord sequences and his own melody lines. The rest of the band write their parts.

First gig?

Because the band started over 20 years ago, and has seen many members, it’s difficult to say. However, one that springs to mind is the Metro in Lowestoft.

Best ever gig?

Dan’s best gig was supporting the Levellers at Eastern Haze. Rebecca loved Moonfest, Wiltshire. Paul and Michael share their best gig which is when Llewelyn recorded their live album, Uniquity at Fritton House Barn.

What do you want to achieve?

The unachievable.