Band that wants to play the red planet

UP and coming hip hop act Destination Mars feature as the November band of the month. The popular Great Yarmouth-based duo are aiming for the stars and hope to take part in a national tour next year.

Band name? Destination Mars

Members’ names? Rosie Hunt, Jonjo Nicholls,

Where are you all from/where did you meet?

Rosie is from Kent and I am from Great Yarmouth, this is my home town. We met in college, in science class and, ironically, both had chemistry. We got to know one another and a relationship followed. After going out with each other I later found out Rosie’s secret, she could sing amazingly. So both having a love for music, and after much convincing, Rosie agreed to record a track with me. We laid it down, and the combination worked brilliantly, our vocals just worked well.

Instruments played?

This is where the difference lies with Destination Mars as to your conventional rock band. Rosie sings, I rap and the beats are made via the computer by beat makers we work with such as Andrei from award winning electro-pop act Sugar Jesus.

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Sounds like (style of music)?

Our style of music varies project to project, but we are predominantly a hip hop group with the addition of a singer. On one song the style could be emotional and from the heart, expressing true feelings, and the next could be a club-worthy speaker-banging head trip! We like to explore different styles of subject matter because we believe being versatile is important. Also emotion is an ever-changing thing, so we like to express this through our music.

Influenced by?

The fans, every good comment we receive makes what we do so worthwhile, and for that we’re so grateful. One nice comment about our performance inspires us to want to create another song and reach an even larger audience, it’s like a legal high. Another major influence for us is the support of our families, who believe we can do well. This support makes us want to make them proud of our success and is the driving force of Destination Mars.

Best known song?

I reckon this has got to be Only A Day Away. After making this track me and Rosie received a lot of positive feedback. We were sending the song out left, right and centre to people who were asking for it.

Where can I listen to you?

You can check us out at online at the following sites

Don’t forget to add our official Facebook fan group, just search Destination Mars under groups on Facebook and join. Or, if you can’t find us there type in destination mars music on Google and our Facebook should be the second result down.

Where can I see you live?

We play live a lot in Great Yarmouth at various clubs and we are open for bookings anywhere. If you’re interested in booking us for any venues, email or call our manager Steve on 07768063248.

If you join our fan group on Facebook, we have details there on every up-coming show we do, so check it out!

Do any band members play in other bands?

We do often collaborate with other artists, and are currently working with Sugar Jesus, an award-winning electro pop band who have toured alongside such acts as Calvin Harris, Data Rock, The Whip and Filthy Dukes. At the moment we’re working on a brand new track with them, and talks are in progress about rocking shows all over the UK together, so look out for that it’s going to be big!

What’s your favourite song of all time?

Now this one is difficult verging on impossible, erm.. Rosie’s is Corinne Bailey Rae’s song – Put Your Records on, and I do admit it has an amazing feel to it. But for me it’s too hard to choose, sorry I’ve got like a top 100 in no order!

What is your favourite song by your own band?

It has to be Life’s a Journey, our most recent track, we both agree on this, it’s special to both of us.

Who writes your songs?

We write and record all of our own material.

First gig?

Pavillion Theatre’s Gorleston’s Got Talent competition, which led to us performing the Variety of Life charity concert.

Best ever gig?

Our last one, at Caesar’s Bar for Cancer Research, it was for such a good cause and it meant a lot to both of us. It’s always special when you can use music to do something good like that.

What do you want to achieve?

We want to turn our vision into a reality, and be known as that group that defied the odds and made it. That’s what Destination Mars is about as the name suggests, achieving the seemingly impossible or the hugely difficult.

Most of all we just want to continue to do what we love and share our music with everyone that will listen.

Also, we would like to do a gig on Mars!

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