Bradwell prog rockers

The Mercury Band of the Month for May is prog rock inspired Mother Black Cap. Any musicians interested in appearing should email

The Mercury Band of the Month for May is prog rock inspired Mother Black Cap. Any musicians interested in appearing should email

Band name?

Mother Black Cap

Members names/ Instruments played?

Iain Jackson - vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar

Martin Nico - lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals

Most Read

David 'Dins' Newson - bass guitar, backing vocals

Bob Connell - Keyboards & the mighty Hammond Organ

Neil Holmes - Drums

Where are you all from/where did you meet?

The artistic backwater of Bradwell, were childhood homes of the band with exception of outsider Iain who hails from the planet Shameless. Bob and Martin have been in bands together since the early 80s, Neil played with them during the 90s. Dins, fellow veteran of many bands and old friend teamed up with the boys to form Mother Black Cap in 2005. Iain was found wandering the street staggering from karaoke bar to karaoke bar until rescued given sheltered accommodation and full time care by the band.

Sounds like (style of music)?

Always pleased to be likened to 70s greats such as Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis (Peter Gabriel era) and Focus as they have been in many reviews. So if nice melodic songs which are allowed to 'go on a bit' are your thing then you'll probably like us. If your attention span is 2 minutes 57 seconds before you need to hear the sound of a DJ interrupting music is more your scene then we may not be…

Influenced by?

All the concept albums, cape wearing and 25 minute long keyboard solos made famous by the progressive rock bands of the 70s, but also many more modern prog rock bands such as Transatlantic and Spocks Beard. Also, much influenced by the comedy of Monty Python, Spinal Tap etc - though we are yet to provide support for a puppet show.

Best known song?

We do some popular covers by bands such as Pink Floyd, The Who, The Faces and David Bowie, but probably our best loved original song is 'Breydon Sunrise', a song which looks to the future when the beautiful Breydon landscape is reclaimed by the sea - 'when the floods come'.

Where can I listen to you?

On our myspace site at or on one of our two CDs - always on sale at our gigs, also online on many websites and in Better Leisure, King Street, Yarmouth. A number of specialist progressive rock radio stations regularly play our music as well.

Where can I see you live?

All our gigs are on our website at - We are at the Filby Fox and Hounds on Saturday, Lord Nelson in Gorleston on June 12 and Happisburgh Summer Solstice festival on June 19.

Do any band members play in other bands?

Not that any of us are aware of. No one else would put up with us!

What's your favourite song of all time?

We rarely agree on anything as a band - this question being no exception. In a single transferable PR voting system we ended up with the Birdie song - not sure about the voting system.

What is your favourite song by your own band?

Breydon Sunrise

Who writes your songs?

Martin compiles lyrics and proposed song structures, Bob throws out the rubbish bits and the bits he can't play and substitutes bits he can play, Dave changes it all around, Neil puts in some weird time signatures and Iain works out his singing poses. The finished product sounds nothing like Martin's original idea - which is no bad thing!

First gig?

Back in 2005 at the Brickmakers in Norwich. Since then we have played pubs in the Gorleston/Yarmouth area, various festivals in East Anglia and also down in London a few times - 70 odd gigs in total.

Best ever gig?

The Cambridge Rock Festival last summer was great as we were asked to play on the stage sponsored by the Classic Rock Society alongside many other bands we admire. The Greenpeace Fair was a storm as well. But we love to play just about anywhere where people enjoy our music.

What do you want to achieve?

To play alongside one of our legendary prog rocks heroes has long been an ambition and one that we will actually fulfil later this year when supporting Focus at the Prog Bury Festival. We've already achieved far more than we ever envisaged with some great gigs, worldwide CD sales from our record deal with Cyclops Records and many friends made - and all with music that is largely derided in the popular music press. So if we can fly the flag for Yarmouth/Norfolk and continue to play in front of people who want to listen for a little while longer that would be great.