Comedian Alex Horne brings ‘thoughtful and original’ stand-up to St Georges

comedian alex horne

comedian alex horne - Credit: Archant

St George’s Theatre is set to welcome award-winning comedian Alex Horne in his show ‘Seven Years in the Bathroom.’

The star and co-creator of BBC Four’s comedy quiz show We Need Answers, has established a reputation among critics, comics and audiences as a thoughtful and original stand-up, writer and solo performer.

It is said that in an average lifetime people spend two years shopping, two weeks kissing and eighteen months looking for lost things, as well as quite a while eating, queuing, crying and Googling yourself. In Seven Years in the Bathroom, Alex Horne squeezes all these things into one show as he attempts to recreate your entire life by doing everything you will ever do, in one evening.

The show at Great Yarmouth’s St George’s Theatre costs £8 and begins at 8pm on Friday June 18.