Halloween 2021: Spooktacular, Great Yarmouth Hippodrome Circus review

The Halloween Spooktacular finale dance

The Halloween Spooktacular finale dance - Credit: david@streetview-marketing.co.uk

Plenty of tricks and treats are in store in this year’s Halloween Spooktacular at Great Yarmouth’s Hippodrome Circus with a show that is frighteningly fabulous.

Guests used to watching the show from just one half of the auditorium will be pleasantly surprised to see the whole of the circus has been opened up for 2021’s show with a haunted house set that covers one of the back stage doors forming the atmospheric backdrop.

Jack Jay, Johnny Mac and Mr G at the Great Yarmouth Hippodrome Spooktacular

Jack Jay, Johnny Mac and Mr G at the Great Yarmouth Hippodrome Spooktacular - Credit: david@streetview-marketing.co.uk

Hosts Jack Jay and Johnny Mac are back at the helm and taking on a somewhat foolish challenge: to spend a night in evil Mr Mullins’ (Mr G) haunted house to prove their courage and win a huge Halloween party.

As ever, the Hippodrome looks incredible in its Halloween costume: lighting, props, the haunted house, the epitome of an evil scientist’s lair complete with potion making station, a gigantic chessboard where much of the action takes place…and the dressed-up audience members add an extra fright factor.

The seasoned double act that is Jack and Johnny is as delightful as ever and it’s always a treat to see them make each other laugh almost as much as the crowds – I defy anyone not to giggle at the pair trying to get a good night’s sleep in a haunted house.

Mr G is suitably devilish as Mr Mullins – think Doctor Emmett “Doc” Brown from Back to the Future with his fingers in a plug socket – and there are some lovely set pieces from the trio such as their 12 Days of Halloween sketch.

And then there are the acts, a wicked blend of fire, acrobatics, aerial acts, slapstick, singing, dancing, bar acts and an incredible contortionist who bends into positions that make you wince.

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Between it all, The Estelle Clifton dancers – Tamara, Cecily, Shania, Jessie, Ellie and Tiffany – are the glue that connects each part of the show, announcing each act with energy and skill.

The aerial/straps act from Sarita Macaggi (later joined by Randy Forgione) is spellbinding, and dizzyingly beautiful, all lit stunningly to suitably spooky music.

Contortionist Senayt Asefa

Contortionist Senayt Asefa - Credit: david@streetview-marketing.co.uk

Contortionist Senayt Asefa can do things with her body that defy belief and cavorts around the stage spider-like with such elasticity my jaw had to be picked up off the ground.

Acrobatics from the talented Columbian troupe

Acrobatics from the talented Columbian troupe - Credit: david@streetview-marketing.co.uk

Columbian troupe Farra, Jeferson, Joan, Wilmer, Cesar and Harrison – provided acrobatics on both a bar and using their own bodies as springboards, creating their own human house of cards and flying through the air without a trapeze in sight.

Scarlett Fire with the cast of the Halloween Spooktacular at Great Yarmouth Hippodrome

Scarlett Fire with the cast of the Halloween Spooktacular at Great Yarmouth Hippodrome - Credit: david@streetview-marketing.co.uk

I loved Scarlett Flame’s fire act, dramatic and exciting, Scarlett controls the flames and makes them dance to her tune adding fire eating and fire breathing into the mix for an illuminating performance which leaves audiences breathless.

The show ends with an everyone-on-your-feet routine to some Halloween classic tunes and it’s impossible not to leave filled with the kind of joy that only the circus can serve up.

Scarily good with a terrifyingly talented team. BOOk now.

* The Great Yarmouth Hippodrome Circus’ Halloween Spooktacular runs until October 31. To find out more visit www.hippodromecircus.co.uk or call 01493 738877. 

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