Norfolk duo set for stardom on Couples Come Dine With Me

Debbie and Chris King from Bradwell have tested their culinary credentials by appearing on Channel 4

Debbie and Chris King from Bradwell have tested their culinary credentials by appearing on Channel 4's Couples Come Dine With Me Picture: Debbie King - Credit: Debbie King

A Bradwell couple set to appear on hit dinner party show Couples Come Dine With Me have said they have been bitten by the reality TV bug and are keen to appear on other programmes.

Debbie and Chris King say they will be watching their episode, filmed in Great Yarmouth last September, from behind a pillow with glass of wine in hand when it airs on Thursday, January 16.

The Channel 4 show sees three couples battling it out for top hosting honours as they treat their guests to home-cooked food and entertainment.

At the end of the evening the contestants reveal their scores in the back of a cab - and they will not find out how their skills were judged until the episode is broadcast.

Mrs King, 53, of Lords Lane, said: "I am not a very good cook so it's probably the worst thing for me to go on.

"We were in Spain at the time and I saw on Facebook they were looking for couples in East Anglia.

"I had had a few sangrias and I just thought it would be really fun, and it just escalated from there."

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The couple, who love their holidays, decided on a "round the world" theme for their feast, with a Thai starter, French main and Italian dessert.

And tipping their hat to their location, dubbed by some "the Las Vegas of the East", a troupe of show girls provided the after-dinner entertainment.

As the first to host, theirs was probably the most challenging of the evenings, which were filmed on consecutive nights, she said.

Mrs King said: "When they knock on the door that is the first time you meet them, you do not even know their names.

"From the second night it got more and more fun.

"Hopefully we have made some more friends.

"Everyone got on and the producers kept having to tell us off in the end for talking over each other because we forgot the cameras were there and it ended up being more of a party."

Filming just their segment of the hour-long episode saw them shadowed by a crew from 8am to midnight, she said.

The couple were also filmed strolling along Yarmouth seafront, with Mr King, 56, a heating engineer and keen roller skater, cruising along on eight wheels.

"I definitely would give myself a 10," added Mrs King.

"But we do not know until the night what they gave us."

She added that the whole experience was great fun and that she was keen to apply for other shows.