The Great Big East Anglian Quiz

Banksy's rat art in Lowestoft

Banksy's rat art in Lowestoft - Credit: Emma-lei Longhurst

1  Which Suffolk village sign depicts a 12th century legend of two green-skinned youngsters who reportedly appeared in the settlement? 

2 Which revolutionary Norfolk man began his working life making underwear in Thetford?   

3 Which UK city became the national City of Culture this year? 

4 In which Ipswich church will you find the world’s oldest church bells, which go all the way back to the 15th century? 

5 What did Banksy call his trip to Great Yarmouth, Gorleston, Lowestoft and Cromer in summer 2021? 

6 What was the score when England played Latvia in the World Cup qualifiers on November 30?  

7 What was the name of the archaeologist who excavated a 7th-century Anglo-Saxon ship burial at Sutton Hoo in 1939? 

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8 How did Will Kemp travel from London to Norwich in the year 1600?   

9 Which Disney film is linked to the Norfolk village of Heacham?   

10  If Alpha is the UK, Beta is South Africa and Gamma is Brazil, where is Delta? 

11 There’s a Suffolk County across the pond in the United States – but which state is it in? 

12 Which international charitable organisation was founded in Norwich in 1927 by Louis Marchesi?   

13 What did Emma Raducanu win on September 11? 

14  How long does the Orwell Bridge span?  

15 Where will you find Crocklebrogs, Twiggles and Boggles?    

16 How did Yarmouth woman Lorina Bulwer (1838 – 1912) express her anger? A in interpretive dance, B as a Norfolk dialect poem, C by needlework.   

17 The country’s smallest pub is based here in Suffolk – but what is it called? 

18 What links  Hürth, near Cologne; Skawina, near Kraków; Nissewaard, near Rotterdam and Les Ulis, near Paris?    

19 What does COP stand for in the United Nations COP26 climate change conference held in Glasgow this year? 

20  The UK’s tallest wind turbine is located at Ness Point in Lowestoft – what is it called?  

21 Where is the largest colony of grey seals in England?    

22 What A and B blew over Britain in November and December? 

23 Suffolk’s answer to ‘Bletchley Park’, the village of Bawdsey played a pivotal role in both the Second World War and the Cold War due to its development of radar – but who were the two gentleman who pioneered its usage? 

24 What is the name of the January festival still celebrated into the 21st century with dancing and processions in Norfolk villages including Great Hockham and Northwold near Thetford? A Plough Monday B Mad Monday C Black Friday 

25 Which Suffolk village had its sign stolen in the 1980s – only to be returned three decades later? 

Norfolk's own Swallowtail butterfly at Strumpshaw Fen.

This butterfly is only found in Norfolk - but what is it called? - Credit: Peter Dent

26 Felixstowe man Dean Gould set a world record in 1997 for the most winkle picked in 1 minute and 22.34 seconds – but how many did he pick in that time? 

27 Who turned down the Oldie of the Year award because she did not think she met the criteria? 

28 Britain’s largest butterfly is only found in Norfolk. What is its name? 

29 In how many countries did Suffolk star Ed Sheeran’s latest release, ‘=’, hit the number one spot on the charts? 

30 In which village hall does the Queen traditionally attend Sandringham WI meeting every January? 

31 Who released 30 in 2021? 

32 Which monarch spent a lot of time in Newmarket in the 17th century, and helped turn it into the horseracing hub it remains to this day? 

33 What is the Snettisham Spectacular? A hoard of Roman treasure. B thousands of wading birds taking to the skies as the tide comes in. C The classical music festival which is, by tradition, where royal children give their first public performance. 

One of the two baby sea pups believed to be twins with its mother in the dunes at Horsey.December

Where are seals most famously spotted in Norfolk? - Credit: James Bass

34 Where would a Shannock have been born? 

35 ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ was written by Jane Taylor when she lived in which Suffolk village? 

36 Who is the figure at the top of Nelson’s monument in Yarmouth? 

37 What are the Cong, the Gadder and the Ainse? 

38 What year was Ipswich Town Football Club founded? 

39 How many points did the UK score with Embers in the Eurovision Song Contest in the Netherlands in May? 

40 How and where is St Winnold’s Day celebrated? 

41 Dallinghoo-born explorer Francis Light founded which Asian city in 1786? 

42 Arguably the oldest folly in England, Freston Tower stands on the banks of which river? 

The A14 Orwell Bridge near Ipswich remains open

How long is the Orwell Bridge? - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

43 The Romans called it Branodunum, what do we know it as? 

44 Hundreds of years ago, the village of Little Cornard was the site of a bloody battle between which two groups? 

45 What are Albion, Hathor and Olive? 

46 Where does the Bishop of Norwich go, by boat, to lead a service on the first Sunday in August?   

47 The first Latitude Festival was held in 2006 – which three artists headlined it?  

Great Britain's Emma Raducanu celebrates at Flushing Meadows

Which match did Emma Raducanu win in 2021? - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

48 Where was there ‘allegedly’ a lockdown party that went against Covid rules in 2020? 

49 Which Bury St Edmunds hotel did Charles Dickens frequent, and also immortalise in his 1836 book The Pickwick Papers? 

50 The infamous Ever Given ship caused quite a commotion when it blocked the Suez Canal back in March this year – but what month did it finally arrive in Felixstowe Port?


1 Woolpit

2 Thomas Paine, who went on to help inspire American independence and the French Revolution

3 Coventry

4 St Lawrence Church 

5 A Great British Spraycation 

6 England 20, Latvia 0 in the Fifa Women’s World Cup qualifiers 

7 Basil Brown

8 Morris dancing

9 Pocahontas, whose eponymous heroine married John Rolfe of Heacham in Virginia in 1614

10 India (they are where the earliest documented samples of Covid-19 variants were found)   

11 New York

12 The Round Table 

13 The US Open 

14 1,000m / 3,330ft 

15 Bewilderwood 

16 C by needlework. Lorina’s long samplers are now considered works of art and are looked after by Norfolk Museums Service.   

17The Nutshell 

18 They are all twinned with Thetford 

19 Conference of the Parties 

20 Gulliver 

21 Blakeney Point 

22 Arwen and Barra 

23 Robert Watson-Watt and Arnold Wilkins 

24 A Plough Monday   

25 Walberswick 

26 50 shells 

27 Her Majesty the Queen, aged 95. 

28 Swallowtail 

29 23 

30 West Newton Village Hall 

31 Adele 

32 King James I 

33 B The RSPB calls it the most impressive bird display you will see in Norfolk, or possibly in the UK 

34 Sheringham 

35 Lavenham 

36 Britannia 

37 Rivers 

38 1878 

39 O 

40 Downham Market, with a parade of horses 

41 Penang 

42 Orwell 

43 Brancaster 

44  The Saxons and the Danes 

45 Wherries   

46 St Benet’s Abbey, near Ludham 

47 Snow Patrol, Antony and the Johnsons, and Mogwai 

48 10 Downing St 

49 The Angel Hotel 

50 August 

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