Christmas karaoke planned for town centre pub

Sarah Hamer and Hollie Anderson-Jones

Theatre Tavern landlady Sarah Hamer (with barmaid Hollie Anderson-Jones) said the regulars of the pub are like "one big happy family". - Credit: James Weeds

"Hurry up with your Brussels sprouts, I want to belt out Tina Turner's Simply the Best."

That is what some people in Great Yarmouth will be saying on Christmas Day as they head to a town centre pub to sing and listen to their favourite tunes.

The Theatre Tavern on Theatre Plain will be hosting a private Christmas karaoke party for its regulars and people looking to celebrate the season with other people.

Sarah Hamer and Hollie Anderson-Jones

Sarah Hamer and Hollie Anderson-Jones will be welcoming customers on Christmas Day for a festive karaoke. - Credit: James Weeds

Landlady Sarah Hamer, 52, said as many of the tavern's customers are "like one big happy family," it only made sense to open on December 25.

"We wanted to help people living on their own and we thought this would be a good idea," Mrs Hamer said.

"Last Christmas, everyone was shut away.

"This year, we can enjoy the fun of everyone being together.

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"Everyone can enjoy themselves and everyone gets on so well here.

"We just want to give our regulars a little bit of fun."

Mrs Hamer and her husband have been running the Theatre Tavern since April 2020.

They hold two karaoke nights a week.

"Our customers just love karaoke," Mrs Hamer said.

"None of them can sing really but they love it and it is a great atmosphere."

Sarah Hamer outside Theatre Tavern.

Theatre Tavern landlady Sarah Hamer said regulars love karaoke. - Credit: James Weeds

She said they keep the doors closed when music is playing so as not to disturb passersby.

"We do a lot of pop songs and songs for the old boys are popular," Mrs Hamer said.

"But if I sang, I'd clear out the pub."

The event will be presented by Billy Starr - who will also be celebrating his birthday at the Christmas event - and will take place from 10am.

Entry is £5 and strictly for over-18s. There will also be a buffet and a raffle included with admission.

Mrs Hamer said the close-knit community of the regulars adds to the friendly atmosphere of the pub and they regularly fundraise.

The Theatre Tavern held a chest-waxing event on December 1 to raise funds for a dementia charity which is close to Mrs Hamer's heart.

Mr and Mrs Hamer will be celebrating their Christmas the following week where they will spend time with family.

Christmas karaoke classics

Christmas is a time where people can eat, drink and be merry.

More festive cheer can be had with these karaoke suggestions:

  • Neil Diamond - Swede Caroline
  • Oasis - Some Might Sleigh
  • Queen - We Will Hock You
  • Shakin' Stevens - What Do You Wanna Make Those Mince Pies at Me For
  • Blur - There's Snow Other Way
  • The Real Thing - Yule to Me Are Everything
  • Alicia Turkeys - Lovin' U
  • Beyonce - All The Jingle Ladies