Gorleston ghost gets blame for Oz odd goings-on

GORLESTON Pavilion usually echoes to the sounds of laughing crowds and calls of “It’s behind you!”

But the seaside theatre’s stage has this week also been home to a barking dog and some spooky goings-on.

For the past three weeks The Wonderful Wizard of Oz the pantomime has run incident-free to packed houses, and audiences have especially enjoyed the wonderful performance of Dorothy’s companion little Toto.

Though untrained, Toto (Amber in real life) hasn’t put a paw wrong...until a few days ago when suddenly during Dorothy’s rendition of Over The Rainbow, she started barking and ran off the stage.

Cast members reckon that Humphrey, Gorleston Pavilion’s resident ghost, is up to his old tricks again.

Kelly Bibb as Dorothy, said: “Usually Toto wants me to rub her tummy and is pretty laid back during my song, but for some reason of late she keeps barking and can’t wait to get off the stage.”

There appears to be no obvious reason for Toto’s sudden aversion to Over the Rainbow.

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“I hope it’s the ghost and not my singing that has put Toto off,” said Kelly, Just to add to the mystery, all the power went off one evening at the last song of the show... so it seems Humphrey is well on form.

Over the years Humphrey has been blamed for all sorts of ghoulish glitches from flickering lights to pulling a performer’s trousers down.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz the pantomime runs until Sunday at Gorleston Pavilion Theatre –Humphrey permitting.

For tickets call the box office on 01493 662832.