Stunning Pirates show at Hippodrome has action, laughter and plenty of yarrring!

Captain Blackeye, played by James Franklin.

Captain Blackeye, played by James Franklin. - Credit: Streetview Marketing

Lights, action, music! Who needs to watch a film when you can see a live performance of the fun and spectacular Pirates Live! at Great Yarmouth’s historic Hippodrome Circus.

Captain Blackeye, played by James Franklin.

Captain Blackeye, played by James Franklin. - Credit: Streetview Marketing

But this is no circus; this is a thrills-a-minute and a laugh-a-minute professional show, with the freedom to boo the baddie, and cheer the goodies - as we all did, an audience of all ages.

Loosely based around the blockbuster film Pirates of the Caribbean, in as much as there is lots of yo-ho-ho-ing and yarrr-ing, the show is written, devised and produced by Jack Jay – and his shows just get better and better.

This one is for all the family with adult jokes thrown in, as well as the silly jokes for children which the adults laugh at too!

The casting is inspired with Jack and his very funny sidekick Johnny Mac taking the lead roles as Captain Hawkeye and the inept Pirate Johnny. But for me the star of the show was the black-hearted and aptly named Captain Blackeye, played by James Franklin.

His menacing mood was scary from the minute he strode into the ring and captured our attention but the young ones in the audience were quick to hiss and boo as he whipped them into a shouting frenzy, with the adults convulsed in laughter while attempting to join in! What good fun!

Along the way in the story, on the search to find a special object which will give a super power to its finder, circus stars from around the world interweaved their talents and skills – and it doesn’t seem like circus. It’s just pure entertainment.

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The trapeze artists, tumblers, trampoliners, aerialists, fire breathers and dancers come from all corners of the world: Australia, Japan, Romania, Kenya, Britain, and received well deserved rapturous applause.

Spectacular lighting effects, a stunning backdrop of a pirate ship and jungle temple designed and built by local business 3D Creations and Ian Westbrook, as well as perfect mood music, made this a performance to remember.

Two weeks after seeing it, it’s still giving me the giggles.

Pirates Live! runs until April 22 every night, except Sundays, with three shows on Saturday, April 14, and two on Sundays.(Not until April 29 as stated in the Advertiser). Call the box office on 01493 844172 or go to website