Hopton pub scores with Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor

PUB darts players will step up to the oche against a pretty formidable opponent next week – the 15 times world champion.

Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor will be taking on regulars at The Turnstone in Hopton on Thursday.

People at the seaside pub will get to try their hand against the best player on the planet thanks to Paul Blisset of Gorleston who won a competition to be his opponent.

Landlord Trevor Pearce said he was delighted to have such a high profile visitor at the pub where darts is played regularly.

His chum Mr Blisset had only half-heartedly entered the competition after buying a darts board for his son and selected the Turnstone as a suitable venue after he found out he had won.

“I thought it was a wind up at first,” said Mr Pearce. “The whole village is buzzing. I haven’t got the full itinerary yet but he will be here for most of the night from about 6.30pm.

“He will play the chap who won the competition and stay for autographs and play a few other people too,” Mr Pearce added.

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Taylor, 51, is regarded as the best darts player ever, having won more than 150 professional tournaments.