Maasais to perform in Great Yarmouth church

AUTHENTIC enthic tribes people from Kenya will be showcasing their culture in Great Yarmouth next month.

An eight-hour flight from home, members of the famous Maasai tribe will stage a performance at St Nicholas Parish Church on October 8.

The East African troupe, comprising six men and two women, whose singing and dancing climaxes with the jump-around-dance where traditionally the one who jumps the highest gets the girl.

Maasai culture has withstood Western influence, with many tribes living pastoral nomadic lives while others thrive on the tourism spin-offs of sharing their ways with visitors.

Proceeds from the performance are in aid of the fabric and organ of St Nicholas and the village community of Kisamis, Kenya, 30 miles south of Nairobi where they are currently building a school.

The performance is one of a series of fund-raising events for St Nicholas Church including the blessing of the nest on October 3, the Three Valleys Male Voice Choir on October 23, and a Fishing Evening with Ernie Childs at the Furzedown Hotel.

The Maasai troupe are billed as stunning performers whose performances mesmerise and excite.

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The event being staged by the Osiligi Troupe tells the story of Maasai life.

For tickets contact Paul Davies on 01493 843647, or visit The Priory Centre, Priory Plain, Brahams, Market Row, the Tourist Information Centre. Cheques payable to SNCPT