Mastema interview

GREAT Yarmouth rockers Mastema are the Mercury's June Band of the Month, any musicians interested in being featured should email

GREAT Yarmouth rockers Mastema are the Mercury's June Band of the Month, any musicians interested in being featured should email

Band (or artist) name?


Members names?

Chris Johnston

Dom Peters

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Arron Clarke

Luke Clarke

Where are you all from/where did you meet?

We're all from the Great Yarmouth area. Dom and Arron met at college. When they decided to start their own band Arron's younger brother Luke was the natural choice for drummer.

After trying out several singers and not really getting anywhere we all went our separate ways and joined other bands, Dom played with Shotgun Divorce and Arron with Half Cream then Voodoo Hand.

We met Chris whilst playing out with other bands so when the three of us eventually came back together in late 2008 Chris was our first choice for singer.

Instruments played?

Chris - Vocals

Dom - Guitar

Arron - Bass

Luke - Drums

Sounds like (style of music)?

A mixture of Godsmack and Metallica with a healthy chunk of Dream Theater thrown in.

Influenced by?

As well as the three above Stone Temple Pilots, Creed, Alice in Chains.

So many other bands, too many to mention.

Best known song?

Our best known original has to be Fallen. It's the first song we wrote together as a band and it's been a constant on our set list.

As far as covers everyone seems to enjoy singing along to Metallica's Seek and Destroy. We even occasionally invite audience members up to the mic to shout out the backing vocals.

Where can I listen to you?

We are currently working on a new cd but for now we usually have a demo track or two up on

We are also working on some videos for our Youtube channel.

Where can I see you live?

We currently have around a dozen gigs booked for the rest of this year and are adding more all the time.

We're at the Flying Dutchman in Oulton Broad tomorrow (June 5) then we're off to the Cherry Tree in Dereham on June 12. Then it's back to the Belle Vue in Gorleston on June 26.

All our upcoming gigs are listed on Myspace and our Facebook page

Do any band members play in other bands?

Arron plays bass in Canine Feline

What's your favourite song of all time?

The difficult question. And one which would lead to terrible arguments if we tried to answer it.

We listen to such a wide range of music that to pick one song as a band would be impossible.

One thing we can say for certain is that if we left it up to Arron he would choose a Papa Roach song and nobody really wants that do they?

What is your favourite song by your own band?

How It Feels.

We all love playing it, it has a great melodic verse and a really punchy chorus.

Who writes your songs?

Dom will normally come up with the music and Chris the lyrics. We'll then play it through and tweak it if necessary until we're all happy with it.

Our most frequent problem is ending up with too many twelve minute songs and having to cut then down.

First gig?

We played a half hour slot at Never Turn Back in Caister back in February 2009.

Since then we've mainly played pubs around Yarmouth and Lowestoft.

Best ever gig?

Lady Of The Lake in Oulton Broad, January 16 2010

The whole feel of the gig made it unforgettable.

The venue, the crowd and the lights all added up to a very special night.

It made us feel like rock stars.

What do you want to achieve?

Obviously fame and fortune would be nice but for now we'd like to get signed and be a professional touring band. We'd love to get to play our music to a wider audience.

And we want to be in a situation where we can play with some of our musical heroes.