Scultpures come to Great Yarmouth Library

SCULPTURES from a couple of inches to 4ft tall will be show-cased at an exhibition at Great Yarmouth Library from March 21.

Gorleston-born Jason Parr, 40, makes his living helping to carve new futures for troubled youngsters through art.

His work is always hewn by hand, and Mr Parr has worked on a variety of community projects including the impressive totem pole at Great Yarmouth Library which many local people had a hand in.

He will be displaying a variety of works, including poems and paintings, fashioned in stone, bronze and wood, often taking nature and the sea as inspiration for thought-provoking creations.

Mr Parr will be on hand throughout the week-long exhibition, possibly performing his own poetry.

He attended Wroughton schools and Lynn Grove High School, and had no particular artistic leanings until taking up the guitar and meeting a sculptress barmaid.

He is currently working at a residential children’s home teaching sculpture, which, he says, has therapeutic and physical benefits.