Second Hand Blues release debut album

Second Hand Blues have been bringing a flavour of the American Deep South to the east coast for the last three years.

Now after building a following playing across East Anglia, the three piece band have released a debut originals album Bright Lights and Stereo.

The album features songs of varying styles of blues, from Texas shuffles to hard-hitting, bass driven foot-stompers and Mexican devil music.

The Great Yarmouth-based band set out to make an album with a different feel to the standard 12 bar blues albums, with unusual intros, outros and samples. Comprising Jon Peach on vocals and guitar, Darby on bass guitar and Justin Peach (Jon’s twin brother) on drums and backing vocals, the band see the blues as a living breathing style, which can be modernised but never re-invented. Featuring 11 tracks, highlights include the hard driving I Ain’t Gonna Say, the country blues of Silver Spade and Mexican-influenced Porcina Socious.

Second Hand Blues will be launching the album at The Mariners at Howard Street South, Yarmouth, tomorrow night from 9pm.