The pirates are coming! Fetch Cap’n Hawkseye!

Hippodrome Circus

Hippodrome Circus - Credit: Archant

Start your Easter break with a bang this Easter, as the east coast’s most explosive pirate show opens this week on Good Friday

Pirates Live is back for its third year with a brand new production at the Hippodrome Circus. Preparations are well under way and this show promises to be bigger than ever, with shows already selling out!

A lot has changed since we last visited; Captain Hawkseye has put his pirating ways behind him and has teamed up with Pirate Johnny to protect the town. However, just as things seem to be going well a new foe invades the port!

Captain Blackeye, the most dangerous around has set his sights on the town, as it is believed to hold the ultimate prize of the Fountain of Youth. So now the unlikely team of Captain Jack Hawkeye and Pirate Johnny must put their previous history of battle behind them to overcome this new powerful enemy.

A swashbuckling, hugely talented international cast has been assembled including breathtaking fire breathers, stunning mermaid aerialists, and gracefully strong hand balancers and African pirate acrobats. The Hippodrome’s unique water feature is transformed into the mysterious lagoon possessing the Fountain of Youth.

The show’s limited run begins today, Good Friday and ends on April 17.

For more details and to book, call 01493 844172 or online at